Lawsuit Loans Alabama

Alabama is home to nearly 4,887,871 Americans as per U.S. Census Bureau V2018. The good news is, for the plaintiff in the state of Alabama: you’ll no longer have to worry about money in case of ongoing litigation. If you live in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Huntsville, or in any other city in the state of Alabama, you are eligible to qualify for quick pre-settlement funding in order to help you, while your case is being heard. The funds which we offer are risk-free, which means you don’t have to pay back the money, in case you lose the judgment.

Are you waiting for a personal injury settlement in Alabama?

Plaintiff may have to wait for months or even years for a trial in Alabama. This lengthy settlement process can leave you with piling bills such as utility bills, medical bills legal fees. This will have a drastic impact on your financial condition. The solution lawsuit loans in Alabama can get you quick cash advances in order to help make ends meet, while you’re waiting to get the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

America Lawsuit Loans can provide plaintiff up to $1 million in legal funds in less than 24 hours, once your application is approved. This money can be used as you desire, use it for bill payments, mortgages, or urgent surgery.

Regulation related to lawsuit funding in Alabama

Sometimes it gets difficult to fund cases in Alabama, The Alabama court of justice in the past ruled that a litigation funding agreement is not contrary to the policy, stating it as a form of” gambling ” or of the design process.

However, you may obtain pre-settlement financing in Alabama if the agreement is finalized under jurisdictions of some other state where litigation financing is allowed. Our company America Lawsuit Loans is licensed to offer settlement loans to plaintiffs of personal injury claims in the state of Alabama.

Why Apply For Lawsuit Loans in Alabama with us?

Easy To Get Loans

Lawsuit funding from a reputable company like America Lawsuit Loans can be easily availed. We offer pre-settlement as well as post-settlement loans which assist the plaintiff during the litigation. To apply for a loan all you need is a genuine court case in Alabama and an attorney representing you in court who works on a contingency fee basis.

Risk-Free Loans

Since settlement funding is a non-recourse structured kind of loan which means that a plaintiff has no obligation to repay the loan amount to the funding agency if the court ruled against them and they lose the compensation money. It gives a win-win situation for the plaintiff if they don’t get the expected compensation then they don’t have to repay.

No Credit Checks

Every lending company has its own policy when it comes to offering a loan. Our agency has very clear terms which can be easily understandable. Not only this but the loan we offer comes with no upfront charges and zero credit checks. Hence your past financial track records are not going to affect your lawsuit money gaining chances.

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