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Arkansas is a flourishing second largest state in the US and ranked 16th for fatal injuries. America Lawsuit Loans is here to help you by providing lawsuit loans and a helping hand in getting some amount to pay off your mortgage, bills, and put your life back on track.

We provide lawsuit loans in Arkansas and direct legal funding to plaintiffs in cases like car accidents, personal injury claims, tractor-trailer cases, verdicts on appeal, burn victims, slip and fall cases, workers compensation, premise liability cases, negligence cases, and auto accidents, to name a few. We provide cash advances on some of the most common types of cases with direct legal funding.

America Lawsuit Loans provides legal funding at best rates. If you are looking for lawsuit loans in Arkansas, feel free to contact us.

What are the liability limits in Arkansas?

The annual injury fatality rate is 76.9% in Arkansas, which is 28% higher than 60.1% across the nation. The residents here drive around 35 billion miles every year. For personal injury cases, the minimum liability limits are $25000 per person in Arkansas for injury, $50000 for all persons injured in an accident in case of personal injury insurance, and $25000 for collateral damage in each accident. In case you’ve met an accident, you can be compensated for the damages you suffered.

This minimum requirement is comparatively high and it is ideal for those searching for a cash advance on motor vehicle accidents in the state of Arkansas. Unlike a ‘no-fault’ state, Arkansas is a Tort state where the driver at fault is responsible for the medical expenses of the victim in a car accident. The victim also has the right to sue the driver at fault for damages like suffering, pain, loss of wages, etc. If you are looking for claims in Arkansas, you should hire a personal injury lawyer to explain your obligations and rights.

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