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Are you looking for the best non-recourse lawsuit loans in Florida? America Lawsuit Loans provides affordable lawsuit advances to help you pay off your debts while you wait for settlement. We offer cash advance loans for cases like wrongful death, medical malpractices, workers’ compensation, and even more. Florida is the third-largest state in the US with a population of over 20,271,272 and ranks 8th in per capita injuries. We provide pre-settlement loans so you can ride out the claims instead of settling for less.

There is a wrongful death rate of 68.7 in Florida annually per 100,000. Due to this reason, Florida is ranked even higher by around 14.4% as compared to the national average of 60.1. In Florida, the drinking rate is 13.6 percent higher than 1.8%, which is the national average. Primarily because of such factors, the car accident fatality rate in Florida is 14.5. It costs over $3020 million annually to the state, and it unfavorably compares to 10.9 of the national average in the US.

America Lawsuit Loan offers pre-settlement loans to plaintiffs of injury in Florida. You can receive the cash advance now, and you can pay off when you win the case.

Pre Settlement Funding is Really Helpful

If you are facing injury because of an accident, you might get forced to rest and miss work for an extended period, and the bills and dues extend overtime just because you are unable to work. Even worse, the legal system always takes a longer time than you can expect.

Even when the case is simple, it takes years to get your money. Insurance companies also drag out the process and stretch the situation so they can delay paying off the claim so you can settle for less than you deserve. In this case, you can opt for a cash advance loan so you can pay off your debts, rent, bills, and other expenses on time.

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