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Do you have pending litigations in San Diego?

San Diego is the 7th largest US city as well 2nd largest city in California and is located about 100 miles from the Mexico border in southern California. After securing medical attention and retaining an injury attorney for your accident, your next move should be obtaining Pre Settlement Funding in San Diego from America Law Suit Loans. Our lawsuit funding company San Diego can help you with funds to pay any bills you need to be covered while you await your settlement via the legal process. If your attorney says you have a case, obtain pre-settlement funding, an alternative to personal injury lawsuit loans, and only pay if your case wins—no recovery, no repayment. Even if you lose your case, you still win – America Lawsuit Loans will let you keep the money!

Pre-Settlement Loans Company in San Diego

America Law Suit Loans has a long list of clients from San Diego who have received needed pre-settlement funding from their personal injury claims. Due to the city’s congestion and traffic, accidents are not uncommon, and when they do happens, We are always ready to provide help through Lawsuit Cash Advances before settlement.

You can obtain legal funding with no hidden costs, no middleman, and no out-of-pocket payment. Receive your funds the same day and benefit from term-based payback. Repayment is based on the time money is used; in other words, repayment is based on the time of your case to settlement so your legal expenses, bills, and living costs are covered. Legal Settlement Funding is essentially a cash advance; we offer direct funding that’s cash in your pocket to help cover any living costs until the case is settled.

Before you can apply for a personal injury settlement advance, you must meet certain criteria. Your request may be accepted only if you:

  • Have sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence.
  • Have retained a personal injury lawyer.

Your credit and income are not factors, as they are with lawsuit settlement loans. To apply, submit an online application. For more details call us on +1 888-335-3537.

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