Lawsuit Loan

Immediate Cash Advances for your Lawsuit

Lawsuit Loan is a kind of cash advance which plaintiffs acquire from Lawsuit Funding Companies. Moreover, the amount is used as a catalyst to finance the legal and personal expenses during ongoing settlement. Since we all know that a loan is an amount which a person borrows from financing firms on a certain interest rate and is liable to pay the debt in a certain time frame. Whereas the difference between pre-settlement funding and other loan is that, the interest rate is comparatively low and the time frame is based on the Lawsuit. One more advantage is that the recipient does not need to repay the amount of the loan if the lawsuit result didn’t come in his/her favor. Fill up the form and receive your cash advances to tackle the financial problem now.

Get Lawsuit Loan

In simple terms, we can say that a lawsuit loan is cash advance against the future settlement for which the plaintiff is fighting for. Most of us don’t like to take loans but because of the situation, we all have to consider it. Therefore, if you are a plaintiff who is in need of immediate cash advances to fund the law firm then we are the most favorable option. In America, we are named as the most trusted Lawsuit Loans Company.

How Our Lawsuit Funding Company Helps?

  • We at America Lawsuit Loans are known for a quick approval and the fastest transfer of funds. In less than 24 hours plaintiffs get the amount once their loan gets approved.
  • The litigation finance market is very competitive. So we keep our interests very low while supporting the Plaintiffs. We assure the best amount at the lowest rate possible.
  • At our facility, we have a team of the executive who is ready to help out any plaintiff who is in search of pre-settlement loans. Our customer service executives are professionals.

Get loan on pending lawsuit and be relax from financial stress during the settlement.

Moreover, we are known as the best firm that is providing Lawsuit settlementLoan at low interest with zero upfront fees.  We are in the market to empower the plaintiff’s fiscal status and help them to fight for the compensation they deserve. Our loans are against the future settlement amount which the plaintiff receives after a successful judgment.

Since we have a no-risk policy we never ask the plaintiff to repay the amount if the settlement gets failed and the plaintiff compensation doesn’t get completed. All you need to do is to apply for a loan and pay back after the settlement.

Types of cases eligible for Lawsuit Loan

Personal Injury lawsuit

Injuries can happen but if it happened because of the third person then you are in for compensation. We can fund your Injury Lawsuit by delivering cash advances against the future settlement.

Car Accident Lawsuit

Car accidents are the biggest misshaping of anyone’s life. An accident can be dangerous and even sometimes leads to death. File lawsuit against the offender and we will provide loan for lawsuit.

Medical Malpractices

Many patients suffer injuries because of faulty medical devices or negligence from the doctor itself. You can file compensation against the injury caused. Our firm will lend you money for legal bills.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Intake of a drug is meant to cure illness but sometimes the flawed drug can cause serious health issues. We can help you with advances to fight against the drug manufacturers for compensation.

Product Liability

The most common problem faced by Americans is product liability. You receive a product from the market which is damaged and you face serious trouble because of that. We will fund your Product Liability Lawsuit.

Employment Lawsuit

Various Employees face harassment from the employer. They have to go through several traumatic experiences leading to heath issues. You can file a court case against the employer and ask for a settlement.

Athletes Injuries

Most of the athletes are covered under insurance. But some insurance firms deny paying the amount to the athlete during the injury period. File a lawsuit against the insurance firm and demand for compensation.

Labor Lawsuit

In America, several workers after completion of their duty don’t receive the complete wages. This is against the labor act policy and you can fight for your rights. You can file for a labor lawsuit against the offender.

Essure Settlement

Essure Medical Devices are generally used by a female for birth control. But we have found that various female is experiencing side effects after using the devices. And fighting in the court for a settlement. We are here to help.

Commercial Litigation

We help those who need commercial litigation funding to fight for a commercial lawsuit against insurance companies or some big corporate houses. We support them financially during the lawsuit through loans.

Construction Accident

Plaintiffs who are suffering due to construction accident files for compensation amount from the management. We are here to fund the construction accident lawsuit. We help with pre-settlement loans.

Premise Liabilities

One can suffer because of the premises. The most common ones are the injury caused because of slip and fall. Our firm can help you with pre-settlement funding if you are under an ongoing premise liabilities lawsuit.

Why Select Us For Lawsuit Loan

Quickest Approval

We are proudly the best lending firm that offers lawsuit loans to support the plaintiff. Our easy process and quick responses make things cakewalk for plaintiffs. Applying with us is very simple all you need is an attorney representing you in a court.

Low-Interest Rates

We proudly announce that in the market of litigation finances we are the one offering lowest rate settlement loans to the plaintiff. Evermore we never ask for upfront fees. There are no hidden charges and we securely transfer the payment during the process.

Zero Risk Policy

We believe that a plaintiff who is already going through a lot of trouble during the settlement need not to go further if the settlement is ruled out. Hence we have a zero-risk policy via which the plaintiff needs not repay the amount if the settlement doesn’t complete.