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With a population of over 4,425,092, Kentucky is the 26th largest state and ranks 21st in fatal injury rates in the US. The state also has 81.1 per 100,000 of the fatal injury death rate. This way, Kentucky is placed 35% higher than the national average, 60.1. The car accident fatality rate is also very high, i.e. 17.2. It is truly higher than the national average of 10.9 and costs $798 million annually to the state.

By applying for lawsuit loans Kentucky, you never need to worry about paying off the loan if you don’t win the case. Our process is also very convenient and risk-free as you just have to repay if you win the case and recover your damages in the case. You don’t have to repay any penny of advance if you don’t win. The process of applying at America Lawsuit Loans is simple and fast. We expect your lawyer to provide some brief details for application, which is strictly related to your case, accident, injury or circumstances which caused injuries. We have nothing to do with your employment status and credit rating. Once we get your application, you will receive the money you require within 24 hours in case you qualify.

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Pre-Settlement Loans from us can Help

What do you need to qualify for pre-settlement loans? You basically need two things –a strong claim and a personal injury lawyer to represent you in the court. A lot of applicants who have a viable case can apply for lawsuit loans Kentucky, which is basically a cash loan over pending personal injury claim. We consider the details of your case according to the lawyer to approve cash advances. The amount of loan you qualify for is up to the factors like the value of your claim and how much your lawyer has claimed for. You don’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve.

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