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Lawsuit loans are different types of loans. They are pre-settlement or legal advances that are offered before getting your case settled. In this type of loan, no payments are made before the settlement of your case and compensation is awarded. Our lawsuit loans Missouri are available to pay off your medical bills, daily living expenses, and mortgage so you can have extra support before settling your case.

Missouri is the 18th largest state in the US with a population of 6,083,672 and ranks 14th for fatal injuries. The annual injury death rate in Missouri is 74.3 which is significantly higher than 60.1 by 23.7%. Residents here drive 72 billion miles annually. It means annual resident drives up to 11,821 miles annually. It is 22.8% higher than 9,630 miles annually. Along with miles driven, the habit of drunken driving and buckling up also play a vital role in car accidents.

Residents are quite bad in using a seatbelt and reported 79% of usage rate. The drunken driving rate is also too high in the last month. The car accident fatality rate is 14.3% in Missouri which unfavorably compares to 10.9, US national average. It costs $981 million annually to the state.

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Personal injury cases are known to be very complex in Missouri and they can take longer to settle. Plaintiffs wait for even years for compensation for injuries. Even worse, insurance companies also slow down the process as they want you to settle for less. So, our lawsuit loans can help you deal with such situations. Don’t let the opposing party win by forcing you to settle for less. Our pre-settlement loan can help you ease your financial burden a bit until your case gets settled. At America Lawsuit Loans, we provide plaintiffs with non-recourse cash loans in Missouri.

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