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The State of New York is the fourth largest state with a population of 19,795,791 in the US and ranks 10th for fatal injuries. The annual injury death rate in New York is 41.6 which is 30.7% lower than the national average, i.e. 60.1 per 100,000.
The residents in New York drive 127 billion miles in total annually. Hence, the average resident drives up to 6427 miles annually. As compared to the same, it stands 33.3% lower than 9630 miles annually. Along with miles driven, the use of seatbelt and drunken driving also plays a vital role in the incidents of car accident deaths. Over 90% of residents have reported using seatbelts and the drinking rate is 24.3% lower than the national average. The rate of car accident fatality is 5.7 which costs $1590 million annually to the state.
If you live in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, or any other borough of New York and injured in an accident, feel free to call us for lawsuit loans.

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If you have suffered a personal injury, you might not be able to work which can cause financial troubles for you and your family. It can cause even more stress if a person is a driver who fell asleep while driving or shelf fell on you at work as it was not placed properly. It can take months and years to settle down your case with the court system, even though you have a reputable lawyer. As your lawyer works for you to help to get the right settlement, you can apply for Lawsuit loans New York at America Lawsuit Loans so you can easily relieve from financial problems.
Lawsuit Loans New York simply cash advances against the money you will get in your settlement. You don’t have to submit income statement or credit checks. Our reliable customer service team will be there to fulfill your urgent need for a case and to keep your family on stable financial ground until you get your settlement.

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