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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 5 million massive truck accidents have happened in America. According to the statistics, 5,000 of the road accidents involving tractor-trailers lead to fatalities. One of every eight traffic fatalities involves a collision with an outsized truck. Passengers in cars and smaller vehicles account for many of the deaths, whereas truck drivers most of the time stay unwounded. The average massive truck weighs some 3,000 pounds, whereas a typical, fully-loaded massive business truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds or additional.

Since statistics show that truck drivers or truckers are typically much more careful on the road than other vehicular drivers. The collisions caused by a trucker’s negligence will result in the foremost ruinous injuries on the road. A truck-car accident leaves the victims with semi or permanent or life-altering injuries. They will not be able to perform any job and duties the manner usually accustomed. They’ll need months or years of medical treatment and medical aid. Our legal funding in Texas pours some money to the plaintiff if they are going through personal injury lawsuits.


To gain compensation from the offender, the victim needs to file a legal case to become eligible for legal funding. Filing a Lawsuit without a job is almost impossible, as there is no money left for paying the lawyer fee after hospital bills. In Texas, if you require legal funding then consider America Lawsuit Loans. Our firm is well known for providing car accident settlement loans in San Antonio, Texas. You can claim compensation if it has affected your well-being. Whereas we are here to take care of your financial requirements while you focus on winning the case. The long settlement period is very frustrating, and costly but with our low rate loans, you can survive without any stress. The process of application with us is fast, secure, and smooth. We also offer competitive prices and our interest rates are cheaper than other Lawsuit Funding Firms. The financing can be used to manage the expenses and it is not to be returned until the settlement gets complete.

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With our No-Risk Return Policy, we are termed as the safest firm to acquire legal funding from. Once you get the lawsuit loans from us you don’t need to return the amount till you win the case. In any manner you lose the litigation, you don’t have to repay the amount, you walk free of any liability. If you win the case, then you can return the loan amount from the compensation amount you get from the offender. Our funds are enough to make you financially sustain the cost of medical and legal bills during a pending lawsuit. If you are in some kind of litigation in the city of San Antonio we can help with low rate lawsuit loans. All you need is call us at +1 888-335-3537 and our executive will describe all kinds of policies and information you must know related to lawsuit loans.

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