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America Lawsuit Loans offers no-obligation non-recourse lawsuit loans in Louisiana. We aim to provide settlement loans so you can comfortably ride out your claim rather than settling for less than you must receive.

With a population of 4,680,685 in New Orleans alone, its major city, Louisiana ranks 25th among the largest states in the US and 15th on fatal injuries. It has recorded 75.7% of the wrongful death rate per 100,000 yearly. This way, Louisiana stands significantly higher than 60.1 by 26.1%.

The residents drive around 48 billion miles every year in Louisiana. On average, a resident drives up to 10,315 miles per year. It is 7.1% higher than 9630 miles annually, which is the national average. The car accident fatality rate in Louisiana is also high, with 15.5. It unfavorably compares to the national average of 10.9 and costs $1010 million annually to the state.

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If you are having a pending lawsuit against your employer or third party for intentional injury or discrimination or awaiting workers’ compensation, you might have been losing track of your financial resources to meet your obligations. Getting money from a bank or third party needs you to undergo background and credit checks, put up collateral, get a cosigner, or get employed.

But America Lawsuit Loans has nothing to do with such requirements. We are one of the leading providers of lawsuit loans in Louisiana. We serve residents with competitive rates and the best loan services—our pre-settlement advances against your case proceedings or cash judgment in the future. There is no need to have good credit or employment status.

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