Lawsuit Loans in New Jersey are available for those plaintiffs who are going through grief because of persona injury caused because of some other negligence. We are the industry leader in the segment of litigation funding. We offer low-cost loans, which are non-recourse in nature. With a quick response from our team, one can get credit in just 24 hours within approval.

New Jersey Pre-settlement funding is a solution for people who lost their jobs and wages because of an accident. Any individual who has a valid lawsuit with an attorney working on a contingency fee basis can take the support from America Lawsuit Loans.

Rate of Car Accident in New Jersey

New Jersey stands 11th among the largest states in the US, with a population of 8.82 million, and even it ranks at 11th position for the rate of fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents. The annual injury death rate in New Jersey is 44 percent. The number of cases is increasing with each passing year for a car accident.

What is New Jersey Lawsuit Funding?

If any individual suffers personal injury because of car accidents, product failure, medical malpractices, or any other, they can go to the court and file a case against the offender and demand compensation.

But every legal battle requires proper cash flow to keep the struggle ongoing. Since litigation takes several months or even years to resolve in New Jersey, people get frustrated because of low savings.

Lawsuit Funding is a cash advance given to those needy plaintiffs who are facing trouble because of the hefty legal bills and attorney fees.

In short, lawsuit loans in New Jersey are a kind of cash advance that can cover all your expenses during ongoing litigation. And in return, once your dispute comes to a result, the plaintiff can repay the loans, and in case the lawsuit is lost by the applicant, then there is no obligation to repay the loan amount.

How to Qualify For Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans in New Jersey?

It’s easy to get settlement loans from us, as we ask for very little documentation and credit check.

All you need to provide are-

  1. Case Details (Genuine Cases are only accepted)
  2. Attorney Details (Attorney must work on contingency fee basis)
  3. Details of Loans Needed.

It is effortless to apply with us; just call us on our official number or share your detail in the contact form provided above.

Can I Get More Loans On My Lawsuit in New Jersey?

Several plaintiffs who already invested their past resource in the ongoing litigation, hope to get more funding to keep the lawsuit ongoing.

Therefore, at our Lawsuit Loan Company, we consider it our duty to help the plaintiff so that they can get the appropriate settlement, and shields them from falling into the trap of longevity of keeping the case ongoing by the offender.

So if you are wondering whether you can get a second lawsuit loan on your case, just call us at +1 888-335-3537.