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If you are facing a pending personal injury case in the state of Arizona, you may be struggling financially due to hefty legal fees. Taking legal action against the offender to claim compensation for an accident that was not your fault can take years to settle. If you are facing medical bills in addition to your daily expenses while taking a break from work to recover from an accident, you may not have the money you need. This is where America Lawsuit Loans come into play. You can apply for Arizona’s lawsuit loans without any risk and no hidden terms.

Insurance companies know during the litigation process for negotiating an agreement you are suffering from financial struggles. They can try to use this resistance against you to settle down early with less compensation value than you deserve. But if you apply for pre-settlement loans from our funding agency, you will get the urgent cash you needed to settle your claim.

Rules and Regulations Concerning Lawsuit Loans in Arizona

In Arizona, different sets of laws apply in your litigation depending on the situations surrounding your personal injury. If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important for you to know about the minimum insurance limits and the Arizona Fault Laws. If you have been injured while working, you will need to speak to your attorney about workers’ compensation. Below is a basic overview of Arizona’s personal injury laws and regulations, and how it applies to your pre-settlement funding.

Fault Laws

Arizona follows a model of pure comparison errors, meaning that the injured person can get the compensations, even if they were partially involved in the accident. However, your payment may be reduced by the percentage of your fault in the accident. This law applies to car accidents and other kinds of accidents that cause personal injury cases in Arizona.

We at America Lawsuit Loans always provide loans at low interest rates low and give our clients the cash advance they need after following a rigid review process to find the liability and seriousness of the injury. If you are innocent and have no fault in the accident, the chances of loan approval are very high for you.

Statute of Limitations

In Arizona, the statute of limitation is only two years to file an insurance claim on a personal injury lawsuit. This means that the person who is in a car accident or facing personal injuries, may not be eligible to file a settlement claim after two years of an accident. This timeline can be adjusted in the event of any hidden injury found after years of diagnosis.

To get pre-settlement funding in Arizona from America Lawsuit Loans, you must be working with an attorney who is taking a fee on a contingency basis. Further, it is important that you file the case within the Statue of limitation, to make yourself eligible for easy legal funding.

Minimum Insurance Limits

Each state in the US has minimum insurance limits. You should discuss the minimum policy limit with your attorney if your anticipate claims are exceeding. Some Minimum policy limits for bodily injury & property damage are

$ 15,000 personal injury liability;

$ 30,000 accidental physical injury liability; and

$ 10,000 property damage per accident.

Understanding these insurance limits will definitely help you while when filing your personal injury case in Arizona.

Why Should You Choose America Lawsuit Loans?

Meeting an accident and filing a lawsuit in itself is a lot of trouble, but the rising bills and unemployment can increase the financial burden to a huge extent. Therefore at America Lawsuit Loans, we have decided to simplify our loan process and reduce any complication which the plaintiff might face while applying for lawsuit loans in Arizona.

We provide no-risk lawsuit loans, a plaintiff will never be asked to repay the loan if the case ruled against them and they have left with no compensation.

The approval for a lawsuit loan can take less than a day if your attorney helps us understand the claim and the compensation value you are expecting. After you take the loan from us we will take a percentage of the compensation to settle the loan. Our interest rates vary depending on the details of your case, but we can assure you that our rate is going to be very low and as per industry standards.

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