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Washington stands 13th among the largest states in the US with a population of 7,170,351 and ranks 28th for fatal injuries. The annual wrongful death rate in Washington is 59.8 and is 0.4% lower than 60.1 per 100,000.

Residents in Washington drive up to 60 billion miles every year. Hence, the average resident drives up to 8319 miles annually. It is 13.6% power than 9630 miles annually in the US. Local seatbelt use and drunken and driving also play a vital role in the increasing rate of auto accidents. Residents are quite good in Washington when it comes to using the seatbelt. They have reported over 97% of the usage rate.

The drinking rate is 2.1, which stands 13.6% higher than the national average for the people who drink too much before driving. The fatality rate in car accident deaths is 7.9 in Washington and it costs $654 million to the state every year.

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At America Lawsuit Loans, we can help attorneys and plaintiffs with lawsuit loans Washington. We can relieve you with financial troubles and debts due to your lawsuit. Sometimes waiting for the settlement of your lawsuit may not be an ideal choice. America Lawsuit Loans offers plaintiffs with lawsuit loans who are finding it hard to survive financially while waiting for settlement on pending lawsuits. Your work history and credit score don’t factor into our decision for pending lawsuit loans and you may easily qualify for lawsuit loans.

We offer pre-settlement loans to our plaintiffs at any point in their court cases. You may not be able to afford to lose out while sitting back for settlement due to financial obligations. To help you in a tough time, we offer lawsuit funding to the plaintiffs and attorneys. You need to have a valid lawsuit when it comes to applying for lawsuit cash advances.

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