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With a population of 1,844,128, West Virginia is the 7th largest state in the US and ranks third for fatal injuries. The personal injury death rate per year in Virginia is 94.1, which is a whopping 56.7% higher than the national average, which is 60.1 per 100,000.

The residents in West Virginia drive up to 20 billion miles every year. Hence, the average resident in West Virginia drives up to 10,751 miles annually. It is 11.6% higher than the national average miles.

Drinking and driving habits and seatbelt use also play a vital role in the rate of car accident deaths, along with miles driven. The residents in West Virginia are above average and reported 84% of usage rate in terms of buckling up.

In West Virginia, the drinking rate or percentage of people reported drinking a lot before driving is 0.7%. It is found 62.1% lower than 1.8%, which is the national average. Especially because of those factors, the fatality rate in car accidents is 14.5 in West Virginia. It costs $397 million annually to the state.

Legal Fund Transfer Within 24 Hours of Approval

Legal expenses pile up during the case. This way, you need up-front financing to fuel up the effort of your legal team in your lawsuit. Funding a claim is very expensive in West Virginia. The billable hours and legal fees add up. Uncontrolled costs of legal expenses also derail the case as paying the legal team is very vital.

We offer non-recourse, no-risk pre-settlement Lawsuit Loans in West Virginia. We offer no-risk special cash advances that are offered specifically for settlement payouts. In case your case doesn’t settle or not comes in your favor, you don’t have to pay anything. You don’t have to pay anything until you get your case settled.

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