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If you have filed a civil rights lawsuit but are struggling financially as you wait for a resolution, we at America Lawsuit Loans may be able to help. We provide funding in the form of lawsuit loans to plaintiffs involved in civil rights cases while their lawsuit is pending.

America Lawsuit Loans has over 10 years of experience providing this unique form of legal financing to plaintiffs who need assistance covering costs and paying bills as their important civil rights case makes its way through the legal system. We know lawsuits can take months or even years before reaching a resolution or settlement. In the meantime, many plaintiffs find themselves under financial strain, facing pressure to accept an unfair settlement, or simply unable to keep up with regular expenses.

Our civil rights lawsuit loans are designed to provide plaintiffs the funding they need to be able to continue their pursuit of justice, without having to settle their case prematurely. The loans we offer can be used to cover a wide range of expenses, enabling plaintiffs to pay their rent or mortgage, buy groceries and necessities, keep the lights on, retain legal counsel, and more while diligently seeing their civil rights case through to the end result they deserve.

Eligibility for Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

At America Lawsuit Loans, we provide funding to plaintiffs involved in a variety of civil rights claims, including:

  • Employment discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or other protected characteristics
  • Sexual harassment, hostile work environment, wrongful termination, failure to promote, unequal pay, and other employment-related civil rights violations
  • Police misconduct, brutality, false arrest, or excessive force
  • Civil rights violations by government agencies, public universities, housing authorities, or public accommodations/businesses
  • Wrongful convictions, false imprisonment, or denial of due process
  • Violations of voting rights or Americans with Disabilities Act rights
  • Infringement of free speech, religious freedom, or constitutional rights

To qualify for a civil rights lawsuit loan with our company, your underlying case must have merit and be filed by a qualified civil rights attorney. We will also assess the apparent strength of your case during the application process. Loans are not actually provided based on your credit score or employment status, but rather the details and circumstances of your civil rights case.

Benefits of Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

There are many important benefits our lawsuit loans offer civil rights plaintiffs:

  1. Avoiding Unfair Settlement Pressure

Civil rights cases can drag on for months or years before reaching a conclusion. Many plaintiffs experience mounting financial pressure during this drawn-out legal process, forcing them to accept unfairly low settlement offers just to receive some monetary relief.

Our lawsuit loan funding allows plaintiffs to cover necessary costs of living without having to cave to pressure to settle early for less than their case may be worth. The funds help relieve the financial squeeze, enabling plaintiffs to hold out for a full and fair resolution.

  1. Paying Regular Bills and Expenses

Most plaintiffs still have regular financial obligations to meet while their civil rights case proceeds – rent/mortgage, car payments, utilities, and grocery bills continue coming in. Even if you end up winning your case, these expenses do not go away during the legal process and can quickly cause financial distress.

Our lawsuit loan funding provides plaintiffs with reliable cash flow to pay these ongoing bills. The funds can prevent plaintiffs from falling behind on payments and important financial commitments while awaiting the outcome of their case.

  1. Retaining High Quality Legal Representation

Top civil rights attorneys often charge more to represent plaintiffs in these complex cases that can drag on for extended periods of time. Many plaintiffs want to hire the best representation possible for their important civil rights case but are constrained by their current financial situation.

Our lawsuit loans allow plaintiffs to secure the very best legal representation to increase their chances of success, without budget concerns getting in the way. The loan funding can directly pay attorney fees and enable plaintiffs to build the strongest case with experienced counsel.

  1. Avoiding Debt and Interest Fees

Some plaintiffs turn to high interest credit cards, payday loans, and personal loans to get through a lengthy civil rights case. But these options can leave plaintiffs in an even worse financial position.

Our lawsuit loans do not charge any upfront fees or interest. And plaintiffs only repay the principal amount if their case is ultimately successful. This avoids plaintiffs being buried under mounds of debt, regardless of their case outcome.

  1. Peace of Mind and Staying Focused

Financial stress can take a major toll both physically and psychologically. Our lawsuit loans provide plaintiffs with peace of mind knowing their expenses are covered while they stay focused on seeing their important civil rights case through to a just conclusion.

The cash assistance helps minimize distractions and enables plaintiffs to put their full energy and efforts into achieving the best possible result from their legal proceedings.

How Much Funding is Available?

At America Lawsuit Loans, we make civil rights lawsuit loans ranging from $500 up to $500,000. The amount we can offer will depend on the apparent strength and details of your specific case. As a general guideline, we can fund up to 10% of the estimated value of your civil rights case.

For example, if your attorney estimates a potential award value of $150,000, we may be able to provide a loan up to $15,000. If your case has an estimated value of $1 million, we could offer funding up to $100,000.

Keep in mind that lawsuit loans do not require credit checks, collateral, or strict income verification. We focus mainly on the merits of your civil rights case when making loan amount decisions. However, we do confirm your regular expenses and need for assistance.

Applying for a Civil Rights Lawsuit Loan

The application process with America Lawsuit Loans is straightforward and can be completed quickly:

Step 1) Initial Consultation

Get in touch with us by phone, email, or directly through our website to request an initial consultation. We will gather some basic information and have an initial discussion to learn more about your situation.

Step 2) Review Case Documents

We will ask you to provide some documentation that enables us to fully understand the circumstances of your civil rights case. This usually includes pleadings, complaint, police reports, etc.

Step 3) Connect with Your Attorney

We will need to speak with your civil rights attorney to verify details of your case and get their perspective on the merit and value of your claim.

Step 4) Provide Expense Information

You will complete a short questionnaire from us detailing your current monthly expenses, outstanding obligations, and financial need amount.

Step 5) Loan Decision

With the information and documentation provided, America Lawsuit Loans will decide on an appropriate loan amount for your situation. This decision usually happens very quickly within 1-2 business days.

Step 6) Finalizing Loan Paperwork

Once approved, we will finalize loan documents, including establishing a repayment schedule tied to the resolution of your civil rights case. Then funds can be quickly disbursed.

The entire process from initial request to getting funds is often completed within one week. And remember, the initial consultation and application are free – there are no upfront costs or obligations to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my lawsuit loan be repaid?

A: Our civil rights lawsuit loans are repaid only if, and when, your case reaches a positive conclusion – either through a settlement, court award, or verdict. If the case is unsuccessful, you owe nothing to us.

Q: How could a lawsuit loan affect my legal case?

A: Our lawsuit loans have no impact or influence whatsoever on your civil rights case. We simply provide funds that can be used to help your financial situation while your case runs its course. We do not make any decisions regarding your case or legal strategy.

Q: Will you check my credit score or require collateral?

A: No. Because our lawsuit loans are based on the strength of your civil rights case itself, we do not check personal credit scores or require any collateral like home equity. Our funding decision focuses on the apparent merits of your case.

Q: Can I apply for additional lawsuit loans if I need more money?

A: Yes, it is certainly possible depending on your situation. If your case is still pending and you have a justifiable need for additional funds, plaintiffs can apply for further civil rights lawsuit loans even if they have received funding previously from us.

Q: Are there any upfront costs or fees?

A: America Lawsuit Loans never charges any upfront fees or obligations to apply for a civil rights lawsuit loan. The initial consultation and application process is free. Our fees are only collected if and when your case resolves successfully per our agreement.

Q: How quickly can I get lawsuit loan funding?

A: Our streamlined approval and underwriting process allows us to provide funding in as little as 24-48 hours in most cases. We know plaintiffs need assistance quickly, so we pride ourselves on fast funding decisions and turnaround.

If you have a civil rights case pending and are interested in applying for a lawsuit loan from America Lawsuit Loans, the process is free, easy, and fast. We encourage you to get in touch by phone or through our website so we can review your situation and provide a no-obligation quote on possible lawsuit loan funding amounts. Let our experience working with civil rights plaintiffs across the country go to work for you. Contact us today!

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