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We offer commercial litigation funding to several businesses and law firms going through legal disputes which require massive amounts. In the United States, we are among the top provider of lawsuit loans. With the experience of serving hundreds of law firms and aiding thousands of businesses during their ongoing litigations, you can consider us if you are looking for a commercial lawsuit loan.

We help law firms to unlock the value of cases by helping them financially. From high-stake commercial claims to the mid-range patent lawsuit, we provide loans on several of them. Since we offer commercial litigation financing before or after the settlement, it gives businesses and law firms enough confidence to take the legal battle to a large extent with our capital infusion.

Moreover, we provide only non-recourse debts, which help you to focus entirely on the litigation and not on the repayment. Non-recourse nature of commercial litigation funding means that the applicant only needs to repay the loan amount if they win the case; otherwise, if they lose the case, no repayment is necessary. It is obligation-free legal funding, which makes it different from bank loans.

Different Kinds of Commercial Lawsuits Loans

Breach of Contract

There are times when people or employees breach the litigation contract. Then businesses can file a lawsuit for the same and claim for compensation. Besides, if you are waiting for the settlement and need money, you can get the funding from us. It is wrong if anyone of the parties violates/breach the commercial litigation contract.

Therefore justice should be served for the same. For a breach of contract to occur, the arrangement should be considered whether it is written, verbal or in any other form. The next thing to consider is the breaking of laws, i.e., at least one of the proposals should have been broken by the defendant.

Lastly, the violation of the laws should have caused a measurable loss for the plaintiff.

Patent litigation funding

The intellectual property laws are mostly two types, i.e., hard and soft.

The hard IP consist of patent issues. These are design patterns, utility patterns, and soft IP, and they include copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and many more. Therefore, there is a broad category of IP laws that attorneys fight for.

This is when a tool like patent litigation funding comes in handy to provide all the necessary money to fight the lawsuit. Patent litigation cases are very complicated to deal with and take a fair amount of time. To help you get through this phase, we provide commercial litigation funding for breach of commercial lawsuits and patent lawsuits.

Anti Trust

Whenever a business signs a deal with some other company, there is some MOU or contract between them. If the agreement gets broke because of some unfair practices, then a business is liable to file a case.

If your deal gets effected because of some mergers or formation of monopoly, you can take the case to court and demand compensation for the damages caused.

Faulty Construction

If you recently purchased some office or residential place, and find some damages. Then you can file a construction lawsuit against it.

Issues such as plumbing, cracks in the foundation, or any other damage can end up doing physical injuries too. A faulty construction lawsuit can be a reliever.

Jones Act

Those who are working on ships and faces some physical mishaps can file a lawsuit and ask for a reimbursement.

Under the Jones Act, individuals or businesses who are involved with ship manufacturing or working on ships at sea can file a lawsuit for any damage caused.

Easy To Get Commercial Lawsuit Loans

Applying at America Lawsuit Loans is easy, just share the case details by filling up the form or call us. Our executive will look into the case details and comes up with the proper loan amount which our firm can offer.
If you are a business person or a law firm, just apply for commercial litigation funding and use the money to settle the ongoing litigation.

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