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Have you suffered injuries or side effects as a result of using Essure? Users injured as a result of Essure are now filing lawsuits seeking compensatory damages. As with any legal proceeding, a civil case can drag on for months if not years. This can cause undue financial hardships for plaintiffs. America Lawsuit Loans now offers pre-settlement Cash Advance for your Essure case. If you have an active case and have hired a lawyer, we can help. We assure 24-hour approval with no monthly or upfront fees. Don’t let your legal rights expire Call us at +1 888-335-3537 or apply online.

If your birth control implant caused you serious problems, our Essure attorneys can fight to get you every dollar you deserve. If you were one of these numerous Essure victims, you need to protect your legal rights. You’re likely to need expensive and invasive surgery to deal with the problems Essure has caused – and the birth control implant’s maker, not you, should be the one to pay for it. A portion of the wounds they are confronting is punctured organs, gadget moving around in the body, auto-invulnerable infections, and incessant torment. Many have needed to have an extra medical procedure to fix the gadget. A few ladies have even passed on in light of intricacies.

After a short visit to your case, we will work with your legal counsel to get you an advance. To fit the bill for an advance is exceptionally simple. We consider the degree of the wounds you have endured and the region in which your case is being attempted. You probably utilized Essure Birth Control Products and have experienced the recorded reactions so as to qualify. You likewise should have a lawyer taking a shot at your case.

Why Essure Lawsuit Loans From Us?

Our Essure lawsuit attorneys have a 97 percent success rate in getting maximum compensation for injured victims. If you remember hearing about Essure in the news before, you might wonder what’s different now. How much money could you get for your Essure birth control lawsuit? It’s hard to say just yet, with so many claims against the device’s manufacturer pending.  There are various alarming problems related to the use of essure devices.

When serious adverse events from using Essure have derailed your life, you deserve compensation for every one of your losses. With the America Lawsuit Loans on your side, you can get an Essure settlement that covers the medical expenses you have accrued, the pain and suffering you have been through, and all of the harms you’ve experienced.

Essure complications include:

  • Cramping, Hair loss
  • Fainting, Fatigue
  • Joint pain, Nausea
  • Vomiting, Irregular bleeding
  • Confusing or brain fog
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Weight loss or gain.
  • Depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts.
  • Less severe back, pelvic, or abdominal pain.
  • Changes in menstruation, heavier or irregular periods.

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