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Getting a pre-settlement loan for pharmaceutical drug lawsuits is possible with America Lawsuit Loans.

Don’t wait for compensation to meet the expenses, have advance funding from us, and continue to have stress free life.

We provide easy pharmaceutical drug lawsuit loans no matter what kind of drugs harmed the applicant. We can be your premier destination for getting cash advances whenever you are in litigation related to faulty pharmaceutical drug cases.

Applying with us hardly takes a few minutes. In case, if you are not sure how to apply for a pre-settlement loan, give us a call.

Our executive will explain the entire procedure.

We need basic information related to the case and the attorney representing you in court.

Our structured settlement loans are perfect for plaintiffs, who need immediate cash for their pending lawsuits against pharmaceutical drugs like


Call us today to discuss your pharmaceutical drug case with us. We provide funding for a variety of defective drug lawsuits. They cover much more than what is mentioned earlier.

Why Pharmaceutical Drugs Lawsuit Loans?

Defective pharmaceutical drugs tend to harm many people, hence several lawsuits are being filed every day against the manufacturers and brands of faulty drugs.

Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) asks the drug companies to pay in millions to compensate for the losses caused by the litigants.

If you encountered an injury/ disease resulting from faulty medical devices or defective drugs, then you may get financial relief immediately by choosing America Lawsuit Loan.

As we provide the simplest way to obtain cash against a defective drug lawsuit. It may take years to fight against huge pharmaceutical companies in court before a settlement is reached. But during the process, if you are unable to bear living expenses, then give us a call and get legal funding.

How to get loans for Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuits?

After you have applied for the loan online by filling out the form, we visit your law firm to ask certain questions or get more details of the case. We reach out to your lawyer and ask him important questions relating to the case.

After we get the needed information on the nature of the case, we determine whether you qualify for pharmaceutical drug lawsuit loans or not.

The approval for the loan depends on the following factors.

  • When did you start using the medicine?
  • What is the status of the pharmaceutical case?
  • What symptoms did your Body shows?
  • Are damages and treatment options available?

All the above details will be reviewed by our experts with the assistance of counsel.

Afterward, we state the amount of loan we can forward. When it comes to the approval process, it comes within 24 hours and does not take long. We may even pre-approve the loan on the spot.

No matter how many companies have denied you the loan, we can give you approval. As we make pharmaceutical lawsuit loans quick, easy and convenient, a lot of plaintiffs turn to us. We will explain to you how much money as a loan you must take.

Our firm maintains transparency throughout the process of litigation financing.

The executive present at America Lawsuit Loans will keep you updated with regard to your loan status.

Qualify for Pharmaceutical Drugs Lawsuit Loans When

  • You have already consumed or used the pharmaceutical drug in question.
  • You have suffered a serious injury on the account of using flawed drugs.
  • Further, you have hired an attorney who charges on a contingency basis.
  • Your Lawyer has filed a pharmaceutical drugs lawsuit against the makers.

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