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Qui tam lawsuits allow private citizens to file cases on behalf of the government against companies that have defrauded federal programs. These whistleblower cases can involve millions of dollars, but they also often drag on for years before reaching resolution. Our company, America Lawsuit Loans, provides critical funding for plaintiffs involved in qui tam litigation under the False Claims Act. Our funding helps whistleblowers pay their bills and continue pursuing justice while their case proceeds through the legal system.

What Are Qui Tam Lawsuits?

A qui tam lawsuit starts when a private citizen, known as a “relator,” brings a case alleging fraud against the federal government. The relator essentially serves as a whistleblower, reporting misconduct in order to recover funds for the government. The term “qui tam” comes from a Latin phrase that means “he who sues on behalf of the king as well as for himself.”

Qui tam cases arise under the False Claims Act, which imposes liability on anyone who knowingly submits false claims to the government. Common targets include healthcare companies, defense contractors, and any organizations that receive significant federal funds. The relator reports the alleged fraud and serves as the plaintiff throughout the case. The government can choose to intervene, taking over the lead role. Either way, the relator is entitled to receive a portion of the recovery if the case succeeds.

These whistleblower suits help recover billions of dollars that are lost each year to fraud against the government. The relator not only helps the government, but can also receive a substantial financial reward. However, qui tam cases often drag on for several years before reaching resolution. Our lawsuit funding helps relators pay their bills while diligently pursuing their case.

America Lawsuit Loans Provides Funding for Living Expenses

Our company provides critical qui tam lawsuit funding that plaintiffs can use to cover regular living expenses. We understand these cases take time and that relators may struggle financially while waiting for their case to conclude. Our lawsuit loans allow them to focus on their case instead of worrying about bills.

We supply funding for relators in qui tam cases based on the details and merits of their specific lawsuit. The funds can be used for any personal costs like mortgages, rent, car payments, and groceries. The funding provides financial stability so relators can stay focused on bringing fraudsters to justice.

Repayment of our loans is only required if the qui tam case successfully recovers funds. We don’t earn anything unless the plaintiff wins their case. There are no upfront costs or monthly payments throughout the legal process. Our lawsuit lending model sets us apart from traditional cash advances.

We Work Closely with Attorneys on Qui Tam Funding

We always want to ensure our lawsuit loans align with the litigation strategy in a qui tam case. To accomplish this, we work hand-in-hand with our customers’ attorneys when providing funding. The attorney helps us understand the timeline, strengths, and other key details of the case.

We rely heavily on the attorney’s assessment when determining if a qui tam case merits our lending. We do not provide lawsuit loans in frivolous or weak cases. Our close coordination with attorneys allows us to make smart funding decisions that make sense for the case.

By partnering with the attorney, we help align the plaintiff’s personal financial planning with the legal strategy. Our shared goal is positioning the relator to reach the best possible outcome in their case against fraudsters.

Qualifying for Qui Tam Lawsuit Funding

We evaluate the following factors when deciding if a qui tam lawsuit qualifies for our lawsuit lending:

  • Strength of the Whistleblower – We look for relators who will make credible and competent plaintiffs. They must reasonably have evidence of fraud based on their role and access. We do not provide funding for unreliable or easily discredited whistleblowers.
  • Experienced Qui Tam Attorney – The attorney must have a proven track record with False Claims Act litigation. We rely on their expertise to litigate effectively and maximize recovery. Inexperienced attorneys often compromise the case.
  • Theory of Liability – The lawsuit must clearly articulate a viable theory of liability against the defendant based on the evidence. We analyze if the alleged fraudulent conduct violates provisions of the False Claims Act.
  • Potential Damages – The alleged fraud must be substantial enough to merit the time and expense of litigating. We look at total damages in assessing if the case is worth pursuing.

If we verify these factors, a qui tam case may qualify for one of our lawsuit cash advances. We provide the funding necessary for relators to stay financially stable until they prevail.

How to Apply for Qui Tam Lawsuit Funding

We try to make the process of applying for qui tam lawsuit funding as quick and easy as possible. To get started, you can complete our simple online form describing your case’s background and needs. One of our friendly lending professionals will contact you shortly to follow up on your inquiry.

We will request some basic documents to perform an initial review, including your qui tam complaint and filings. After speaking with your attorney, we will determine if your case appears to qualify for funding. If approved, we will craft a tailored lawsuit loan to provide as much funding as possible while protecting your financial interests.

You can also call our office directly at [phone number] and speak with a lending officer about your qui tam funding needs. We will collect some preliminary details, connect you with any next steps, and work to get your questions answered. Our team is always standing by to assist relators who need funding to proceed with their vital False Claims Act litigation.

With our lawsuit loans, you can fight fraud against the government without worry about running out of funds before your case concludes. We provide a lifeline so losing financial stability does not undermine your ability to win your qui tam lawsuit. Partnering with us helps ensure you can hold unscrupulous entities responsible for cheating taxpayers.

Why America Lawsuit Loans?

Three key advantages set our qui tam lawsuit funding apart:

1. Non-Recourse – Our lawsuit cash advances only have to be repaid if your case succeeds. If you lose, you owe us nothing at all.

2. No Upfront Costs – We do not charge any upfront fees or processing costs. Repayment comes out of your award if you win.

3. Personal Service – Our lending professionals get to know every customer. We tailor funding around your case and provide high-touch customer service.

Let us know if you have any other questions! We are here to help qui tam whistleblowers through the lengthy litigation process. Our goal is providing the funding you need so your case can continue advancing and fraudsters can be held accountable to taxpayers. With our support, you can win your qui tam lawsuit.

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