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Sexual abuse victims generally have to through a lot of trauma while they try to get justice. Sexual abuse lawsuits can take years to settle, whereas the victim has to live through the trauma and have to pay for the lawsuit expenses. But with the option of financial tools such as sexual abuse lawsuit loans, you get a chance to get cash now in exchange for your future settlement award.

Being a decade-old lawsuit loan company, we are helping people who suffered sexual abuse with our quick and easy cash advance. Our company can provide settlement loans if they have a pending lawsuit against any kind of abuse. Some of the most common forms of sexual abuse that we can fund are sexual harassment at the workplace or domestic violence and abuse.

Further, sexual abuse legal funding which we offer to people with a pending lawsuit is a form of non-recourse debt. So you can relax as you take cash advance as it will not affect your finances, instead, it helps you get access to money now rather than waiting for future settlements. You can use the funds now and repay us once you win the case.

What is a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Whenever a person suffers from sexual abuse, he or she can file a lawsuit and sue the offender. Sexual abuse is a gruesome crime and the court can prosecute these cases and help the victims to get the compensation. A sexual abuse lawsuit is the right way to deal with the situation and ensure that the perpetrator goes to jail. Even then the victim has to live with the trauma of the abuse for whole life.

In cases where the abuse happens on a regular basis such as sexual harassment at the workplace, or there are instances where the abuse happens in church by the priest. For every sexual abuse, the victim can file a case and get fair compensation for the damages. These settlements will help the victim to at least live life without the pressure of finances. You can use the money to pay for medical bills, required counseling, and healing without the worry of cash.

sexual abuse lawsuit loans

Personal Injury Loans For Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Now that you understand how sexual abuse lawsuits have potential benefits for the victims. Filing a lawsuit is an easy part but to continue with the proceedings makes it tough. Lawsuits related to sexual abuse take years to resolve but during the trial, the victim has to cover the expenses of court and medical care. Sexual abuse lawsuit loans are one such tool that is easy to get without the worry of falling into debt. Since personal injury cash advances are non-recourse debt, you only need to pay it back if you win the settlement.

The benefits of settlement loans against sexual abuse lawsuits are many. It is easy to get, risk-free and covers the immediate cash needs.

We Provide Settlement Funding For Cases of Sexual Abuse such as:

Who Are Eligible For Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Loans?

If your case falls under the category mentioned above, and you are currently under an ongoing case, then you get eligible for a lawsuit loan on your case. Additionally, it would help if you had an attorney who is representing your case in court and works on a contingency fee basis.

Even more, you can take either pre-settlement loans or post-settlement loans, depending on your current situation.

If you have successfully won the litigation of sexual abuse but waiting for the offender to pay the money, in between, you can take the post-settlement loans and pay the bills of attorney or any other legal bills. Whereas if you are in between ongoing litigation of sexual abuse, file for pre-settlement loans to receive an appropriate cash advance to keep the prosecution continuous as well as pay the other day-to-day bills.

How Much Does Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Funding Cost?

There is no specific cost for such a cash advance. Since every lawsuit varies from each other, the strength plays a bigger role in determining the cost and interest of lawsuit funding. The more stronger your case will be the lesser will be the rate of interest.

Our lawsuit loan company is renowned for offering the best rate to the victims. We don’t put any extra pressure on the plaintiff as we understand how harsh are the situations for them. We offer cash advances between $500 to Million Dollars based on the case type and strength. Further, you only need to repay us if you win the case.

Do I Need A Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Attorney To Get A Lawsuit Funding?

Yes, in many cases you must have an active attorney working on your case. Our company provides lawsuit loans to people who already have a pending case. If you have a sexual abuse lawsuit attorney working for your settlement, but you need money right now to pay for the expenses, we can be a definite help.

Generally, you will need approval from your attorney if you want to get legal funding. In case you don’t have an attorney, we suggest you hire a sexual abuse lawsuit attorney as it will increase the chance of winning the case. And every potential lawsuit is eligible for lawsuit funding. In cases, where a lawsuit is going to take years to resolve, the attorney mostly works on a contingency basis. Those lawyers are ready to work with us and it will make things easy for the plaintiff.

What Is The Statue Of Limitation For Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

A statute of limitation is something that gives time for the victim to file a case against the offender. Most of the personal injury cases have around two years of statute of limitation but for sexual abuse cases, the limitation is around 10 years.

This increased statute of limitation helps the victims to file a case, even if they faced abuse in childhood. These statutes of limitation help victims who suffered sexual abuse while they were in Boy Scouts or in any church group or in some detention center.

How To Get Lawsuit Loans For Your Sexual Abuse Case?

To apply for legal funding for your pending sexual abuse case, all you need is to contact a lawsuit loan provider. You can connect with us via a toll-free number 888-335-3537 or you can fill out an online application form.

Once you fill out the form and provide us with the necessary details like the amount required and your case type our executive will connect with you and your attorney. Your attorney will inform us about the strength of the case and what future expectations are from the case. Based on the strength of the case, we will offer you a lump sum. After you agree to the terms of funding, we will transfer the money to your bank account in 24-48 hours. Our company’s approval rate is high so you can relax that you will get a lawsuit loan if your case is worthy.

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