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As a settlement funding company in America, we are assisting the plaintiff who has been suffering a lot because of sexual abuse.

If you are a victim of any kind of abuse related to workplace harassment or domestic violence, if you are filing a lawsuit against the offender, then we are here to support you with low-interest rate sexual abuse lawsuit loans.

We can fund your case without any upfront charges so that the sufferer can live peacefully without the worry of cash shortage.

Why Take Sexual Abuse Settlement Loans?

Any individual who has suffered in the hands of an offender sexually, either in offices, church or at home.

Then they have to go through a lot of trauma, and sometimes they get medically unfit for daily work.

This kind of harassment is very criminal and should be treated accordingly. To make the offender pay for their activities, the sufferer must file a lawsuit; then only, the individual will get liable to receive compensation.

There is no way to quantify the amount suitable for sexual abuse cases, but a sum of money from the offender in terms of settlement can help the sufferer to live on with their day-to-day life.

But litigations are very costly in America, which forces the litigant to drop the charges and settle for a lower amount due to insufficient cash. Hence to make things better, America Lawsuit Loans can be your one-stop for cash advances, which you will need to keep the lawsuit of sexual abuse ongoing and wait till the judgment.

Moreover, the legal funding that a plaintiff receives from us against their sexual abuse cases is non-recourse in nature. This is a significant relief for the plaintiffs who are worried about the repayment of the loan.

Because of the non-recourse structure settlement, our company never asks for a refund if the applicant loses the case in court. But if you win the case, then only the applicant needs to repay the money. Therefore, sexual abuse litigation loans are better than standard bank loans because of their low obligations.

We Provide Settlement Funding For Cases of Sexual Abuse such as:

Eligibility criteria to Apply for Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Loans

If your case falls under the category mentioned above, and you are currently under an ongoing case, then you get eligible for a lawsuit loan on your case. Additionally, it would help if you had an attorney who is representing your case in court and works on a contingency fee basis.

Even more, you can take either pre-settlement loans or post-settlement loans, depending on your current situation.

If you have successfully won the litigation of sexual abuse but waiting for the offender to pay the money, in between, you can take the post-settlement loans and pay the bills of attorney or any other legal bills. Whereas if you are in between ongoing litigation of sexual abuse, file for pre-settlement loans to receive an appropriate cash advance to keep the prosecution continuous as well as pay the other day to day bills.

How to Apply For Sexual Abuse Pre-settlement loans?

It is effortless to apply for pre-settlement loans regarding your sexual abuse case with America Lawsuit Loans. All you need is to have a genuine case of sexual abuse and an attorney representing your case in court.

If you need the legal funding, fill out the contact form so that our executives can get in touch with you to understand more about your case. You need to give us information like the type of case, attorney details, and loan amount required.

Once we get all the details, our experts at the facility will go through your application, and based on the strength of the case, they come up with the exact loan amount which we offer as a settlement loan.

Once you get agree to follow the policy of America Lawsuit Loans, we can transfer the funds directly to your account, or you can take it by cheques and even cash for some cases.

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