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Lawsuit Funding For Slip & Fall Cases

America Lawsuit Loans is a well-known legal funding company that cares about plaintiffs who need cash. We provide financial security for people going through the lengthy litigation processes involved in the slip and fall lawsuit.

We also provide pre-settlement as well as post-settlement loans for slip and fall litigation.

We offer the lowest rates in the business for slip and fall lawsuit financing. Slip & Fall Lawsuits can be difficult for the victims and their families both physically and financially.

Personal injury cases for slip & fall lawsuits can also damage the financial well-being and makes the victim’s budgetary lives inevitably more difficult.

With the lowest rates and the fastest approvals, you can’t go wrong when you choose our agency for your legal financing needs.

Slip & fall lawsuits are among common types of personal injury cases within the legal arena where the owner of the property is being subjected to liability in a court of law. Y

our attorney must prove negligence has occurred because of the owner and/or manager of commercial property such as malls, restaurants, etc. in the court beyond a reasonable doubt before compensation is granted.

Best Pre-settlement Financing for Slip and Fall Cases

Slip & fall lawsuits may take years before a settlement is reached, and with bills continuously adding up, your ability to wait for your lawsuit to settle may not be an option.

The money you receive from America Lawsuit Loans can be used to pay legal bills, medical fees, purchase a car, make a down payment on a new home or use it for anything else that you may need.

There’s no restriction on how you use the money you receive as a slip and fall lawsuit loan.

The best thing about taking a settlement loan from us is that, if you lose your case then there is a no-obligation guarantee to pay it back.

With the lowest rates, greatest customer executives, along with a quick and easy application process that allows you to receive your money in as little as 24 hours America Lawsuit Loans is the company for you.

These types of cases take months even years to end in settlement and even one is reached pay-out is never going to be immediate.

We at America Lawsuit Loans strongly believe you shouldn’t have to wait or settle for less compensation value than you deserve.

Our cash advances will play the role of a valuable asset in your financial hardships.

Some Common Slip & Fall Accidents For Which You Can Take Lawsuit Loans:

The reason why slip & fall lawsuits occur is that the owner has failed to keep the property safe from danger. Some examples of the slip & fall hazards include:

  • Wet or contaminated floors without any signboard around.
  • Damaged waling surfaces (uneven), potholes, broken or slippery floor tiles.
  • Defective or wrinkled carpet or uneven steps/thresholds
  • Mats or rugs that are not properly laying flat on the floor
  • Obstructions and accumulation of objects in walkways (e.g. hoses, cords, cables, debris, etc.)
  • Unguarded platforms, walkways, and work areas 30 inches above the ground.
  • Inadequate illumination

Why Slip & Fall Settlement Loans For Victims?

When a victim is involved in a personal injury they should seek immediate medical care to obtain records needed by the court to prove an injury has taken place.

This assists your case and gives evidence that a slip & fall has occurred.

These cases are a serious matter especially if a death occurs that can take a serious emotional toll on victims’ families.

A Lawsuit cash advance for a slip & fall case can be essential for victims that have bills stacking up quickly due to the accident. Our company can provide a financial cushion that can help you to alleviate financial difficulties while waiting months or years for settlements to be reached.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. You have the ability to stay financially strong with our no-risk cash advances.

Places where slip & fall accidents may occur but are not limited to:

  • Public Properties
  • Private properties
  • Restaurants, Fast food or otherwise
  • Market places
  • Grocery stores
  • Escalators
  • Elevators
  • Resorts
  • Motels

At the workplace or any other location with a property owner!

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