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If you have suffered an injury at work and are awaiting a settlement for your workers compensation claim, you understand how difficult it can be to pay bills and make ends meet until you receive your benefits. At America Lawsuit Loans, we provide cash advances known as lawsuit loans to help injured workers like you cover costs while waiting on a settlement.

A workers compensation lawsuit loan provides you with fast cash, usually within 24 hours of being approved, so you can pay for medical treatments, rent, car payments and other important expenses. With a lawsuit loan from our company, you don’t need good credit or even any credit at all to qualify. We also don’t perform credit checks as part of our application process.

Workers Compensation Lawsuit Loans Advantages

The main advantage of our workers comp lawsuit loans is that you only repay the loan if you win your case. If you lose your claim or your case is denied, you owe us nothing. This makes our loans risk-free for borrowers. Our customers appreciate knowing they won’t end up further in debt if their claim goes south.

We offer highly competitive interest rates on our workers comp lawsuit loans because we are committed to helping injured plaintiffs like you. Our rates are generally lower than many other legal financing companies. We also provide larger loan amounts up to $100,000 so you can get the funds you need.

The money from our lawsuit loans goes directly into your hands to use as you see fit. We don’t send funds to your attorney or anyone else. As the plaintiff, you will have complete control over how the cash advance is used. We also make the application process quick and easy.

Eligibility Criteria For Cash Advance On Your Worker Compenestaion Lawsuit

To qualify for a workers compensation lawsuit loan with us, you must:

  • Currently have a pending workers comp claim
  • Be represented by a workers compensation attorney
  • Reside in one of the states we operate in including [list states].

During the application process, we will ask for some basic documents related to your claim. These usually include:

  • Police report from your injury
  • Medical records and bills
  • Documentation from your workers comp insurance provider
  • Pay stubs or tax returns

Having these documents ready will help us process your application faster. After approval, you will sign a contract agreeing to the lawsuit loan terms.

Terms Of Lawsuit Loans For Your Workers Comp Case

Our lawsuit loans feature simple terms that benefit the borrower. Here are some key things you should know about our workers comp loan terms:

  • The interest rate is set at a fixed rate between 2% to 3% per month. This will be clearly disclosed upfront.
  • Repayment is structured around the outcome of your claim. If you win, we take a percentage of your total settlement amount as payment. If you lose, you owe nothing.
  • There are no hidden fees or penalties. You know exactly what you’ll pay if your case succeeds.
  • The repayment amount comes directly from your settlement check. Your attorney will distribute the funds appropriately.
  • We report repayments to the major credit bureaus which can help rebuild or boost your credit score.

If you are worried about being able to make the repayment if you win, don’t be. We work with your attorney to structure a repayment plan that leaves you with ample settlement funds even after paying back the loan. Our goal is to help you, not further strain you financially.


We know you likely have plenty of questions about the loan process and what to expect. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we get:

How much can I borrow with a workers comp lawsuit loan?

The amount we can offer depends on the details and status of your claim. Typically we can provide between $500 to $100,000. The stronger your case, the higher loan amount we can approve.

How soon can I get the cash after applying?

Our goal is to put funds in your hands within 24 hours of completing the application. In some cases it may take 48 hours if we need more information from you. We work quickly to get you cash fast.

What if my workers comp claim gets denied?

If your claim gets denied, you owe us nothing. Our lawsuit loans are non-recourse meaning you only repay if you win a settlement. A denial means you win nothing, so no repayment would be due to us.

Does the cash go to my lawyer or directly to me?

We always send the loan money directly to you, the borrower. You maintain full control over how the funds are used. We will never send any amount to your attorney.

We have helped numerous injured workers across the country with our workers compensation lawsuit loans. If you have suffered a workplace injury and need cash now, we invite you to apply for a workers compensation lawsuit loan today or call us to learn more. Our experienced team can walk you through the quick and easy application process. We understand the financial stress you face and are here to help. With a loan from us, you can look forward to your future again.

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