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America Lawsuit Loans offers non-recourse and quick lawsuit loans in Delaware to plaintiffs. Delaware is known to rank 1st on fatal injuries and stands 14th as one of the largest states in the United States. We understand the complexities of funding regulations in Delaware. Hence, we help fatal injury plaintiffs by providing lawsuit funding in Delaware.

The road accident fatalities in Delaware are relatively low in comparison to other states in the country. In 2020, the record shows 119 deaths off 112 fatal crashes reported. Out of these, around 49% of the incidents included multiple vehicles, and 51% included single cars. By each passing year, the rate of casualties and road accidents in Delaware is increasing.

But when it comes to such accidents, rash driving and negligence in seatbelt use are the major causes. Despite having a low rate of accidents, drinking and driving rate is too high among the residents in Delaware. It is 46.1% higher than the national average. Hence the car accident fatality rate is 13.3 in Delaware.

Lawsuit Funding to Empower Plaintiffs

At America Lawsuit Loans, we offer quick pre-settlement funding to our clients in Delaware, and we provide free examination before you sign in. We provide cash advance to plaintiffs against their pending claims. This way, we help our clients to get their life back on track after suffering a painful injury or accident, which led them to file a case. Damages can be recovered earlier than the legal processes and settlement funds in many cases.

Do I qualify for lawsuit loans?

In general, you can automatically qualify for lawsuit loans in case of any personal injuries caused by any entity or person in Delaware. If you have suffered severe injuries in an accident, you can qualify for a quick and free application.

Any limitation in spending funds?

No, there is no limitation on the way you spend your pre-settlement loan. It is available as a financial help during the lawsuit injury. Some people use it to cover their mortgage, pay off their debts and rent, medical bills, or simply bear their living expenses.

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