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Cash Advances & Pre-Settlement Funding in New York City

America Lawsuit Loans is one of the premium helpers when it comes to litigation financing. We offer settlement loans in every primary state of the US. New York is one such state, where we have been serving the plaintiff for a decade. If you are residing in New York and involved in some kind of court case, or you have any pending cases in the court of New York, you can take up some urgent cash advances, in the form of Lawsuit Loans in New York.

The biggest reason which forces the litigant to opt for lawsuit loans is the absence of fund to keep the litigation running. Majorly people who caught up in some car accidents have to suffer the trauma as well as they need to fight legal battles to receive appropriate compensation.

Reasons behind the increased number of lawsuit loans in New York

  • The state of New York is the fourth largest state with a population of 19,795,791 in the US and ranks 10th for fatal injuries.
  • The annual injury death rate in New York is 41.6, which is 30.7% lower than the national average, i.e., 60.1 per 100,000.
  • Residents in New York drive 127 billion miles in total annually. It is more than the overall average of America.
  • Over 90% of residents have reported using seatbelts, and the drinking rate is 24.3% lower than the national average.
  • The rate of car accident fatality is 5.7, which costs $1590 million annually to the state.

Since people suffer several injuries in New York because of the negligence of some other, it increases the rate of litigation filing for compensation each year. If you live in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, or any other borough of New York and injured in an accident, feel free to call us for lawsuit loans.

New Yorkers FAQ’s for Lawsuit Funding

What is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit Funding is a kind of cash advance that is offered to the plaintiff while they are in the midst of an ongoing settlement.

When to apply for Pre-settlement Loans?

Once you have a valid lawsuit and you have an attorney representing you in the court, and works on a contingency fee basis, then you get eligible for a lawsuit loan.

What kind of Document do you need to submit?

First of all, we don’t perform any credit check; hence there is very few document requirement. We need the contact information of the applicant and the attorney representing them. The attorney needs to submit all the case related document which we ask during the funding process. Getting Lawsuit Loans in New York from us will be relaxing as we never do too much paperwork.

How much loan amount you can expect?

Our Lawsuit funding company in New York can offer loans in the range of $500 to $2,50,000 depending on the strength of the cases, as well as the future expectation matters a lot while determining the right amount for the offering.

Approval time for Lawsuit Loans New York?

We are a reputable company in the field of litigation financing in New York. Our firm takes less than a business day to approve the loan, but for that, proper communication and documents are indeed the requirements.

How fast can I receive the cash?

You can receive the cash within 24 hours after approval of your loan file. We pay the plaintiff via various channels, such as bank cheques, money drafts, cash, or any other mode of payment they prefer.

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