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South Carolina is the 23rd largest state in the US with a population of over 4,896,146 and ranked 11th on fatal injuries. The annual rate of injury death in South Carolina is 71.8 per 100,000 and it stands 19.6% higher as compared to 60.1.

The residents in South Carolina drive up to 52 billion miles annually. This way, the average resident drives up to 10,565 miles on average in South Carolina per year. This figure is around 9.7% higher than 9630 miles annually, which is the national average in the US.

Drinking and driving habits and local seatbelt use also come into play when it comes to car accident death. Residents have reported a 91 percent use rate in terms of seatbelt use. The fatality rate in the state is 20.0 and it unfavorably compares to 10.9 of the national average and costs $1050 million every year to the state.

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Litigation expenses are really uncontrolled and are also responsible to derail your lawsuit as it is very important to pay your lawyer to win the case. This is where you need lawsuit funding solutions in South Carolina. Don’t let your expenses to force you to settle for less. You can tide up your expenses while waiting for settlement with our cash advances. Since we provide Lawsuit Loans South Carolina which is pre-settlement, non-recourse cash advance loans. We offer no-risk, special cash advances that are designed well for settlement payouts. If the case isn’t in your favor or doesn’t settle, you don’t have to pay anything. There is also no interest to be paid until you get your settlement amount. The court cost stacks up on the case.

You can now fuel up your expenses and the effort of your legal team to win the case. Funding a lawsuit is not easy in South Carolina. This is where America Lawsuit Loans can help.

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