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Cases generally take a lot of time to get resolved in the US, especially in South Carolina. The number of pending personal injury cases is increasing in the courts, leading to the delay of the results. However, these delay makes it tough for the plaintiff to continue with their ongoing expenses, as court fees are always high. To cover the expenses, the plaintiff tries to find ways to get funds to keep their other expenses covered. Now we have the option of lawsuit loans in South Carolina, if you have a pending lawsuit and need money to pay for the court fees and other regular bills. These cash advances are given to the plaintiff who agrees to receive funds now in exchange for their future settlement awards.

What Are Lawsuit Loans and Who Needs Them?

A lawsuit loan provides money to a plaintiff while their civil lawsuit is pending. It helps them pay bills until they receive their final court settlement or judgment. The loan is only repaid if the case is won.

America Lawsuit Loans services residents across South Carolina. We provide funding for all types of civil cases – personal injury, workers compensation, wrongful termination, and more. The plaintiff uses the funds for any purpose, no restrictions.

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Why SC Plaintiffs Are More Inclined Toward Lawsuit Loan?

Non-Recourse Funding

If you lose your case, you pay nothing back. We take all the risk. Traditional loans always require repayment regardless of your situation.

Fast Approval

We make funding decisions in 1 business day and can deposit funds in your account in just 2-3 days. Bills won’t wait until your case settles – cash advances from our lawsuit loans will.

You Control Your Case

We don’t make any decisions about your lawsuit. Only you and your attorney decide how to proceed and if/when to settle.

What are the Laws Regulating Lawsuit Loans in SC?

South Carolina currently has zero statutes specifically covering lawsuit loans. We generally set our own policies on:

  • Interest rates and fees charged
  • Case types funded
  • Eligibility and approval processes
  • Collection processes if the plaintiff wins

America Lawsuit Loans adheres to industry best practices on truthful advertising, clear disclosures, and reasonable terms. We aim to provide the best lawsuit cash advance experience in South Carolina.

Apply for a SC Lawsuit Loan with Confidence

America Lawsuit Loans approves lawsuit cash advances ranging from $500 to $500,000. Over the past decade, we have funded over $150 million to plaintiffs across SC. Our quick application and flexible terms make us a top choice.

We can fund most major personal injury cases including:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle collisions
  • Premises liability (slip and falls)
  • Medical malpractice
  • Products liability

Employees with claims against employers also qualify:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Whistleblower lawsuits

What Documents Do You Need to Apply With Us?

Start your application for a lawsuit loan today! America Lawsuit Loans only requires:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Contact information for your attorney
  • Case number and status
  • Type of claim and defendant

We don’t pull credit reports or require employment/income verification.

We Have a Quick Lawsuit Loan Approval Process

In just three simple steps, you’ll have cash-in-hand from your SC lawsuit loan:

1. Speak to Your Case Manager

A dedicated case manager will contact you and your attorney to verify details about your claim and need for immediate funding. They determine a funding amount customized for your situation.

2. Accept Your Funding Agreement

If approved, your case manager will email your funding agreement listing all terms and fees. An e-signature instantly secures your lawsuit cash advance.

3. Get Your Funds Fast

As soon as the next business day, your lawsuit loan will be deposited straight into your bank account. Start resolving urgent bills right away while you await the outcome of your case.

How Do You Repay Out South Carolina Lawsuit Loans?

If your case settles or receives a favorable verdict, your attorney will repay us directly from the proceeds. Any remaining balance is then paid out to you. If you lose, you owe America Lawsuit Loans $0, ever.

We never dictate when plaintiffs should settle their cases or influence legal strategies. You maintain full control over your claim with your lawyer’s counsel.

Let America Lawsuit Loans Ease Your Financial Stress!

Don’t wait on your lawsuit money any longer. If a case delay has created urgent expenses you’re struggling to pay, we offer fast lawsuit loan funding with no credit checks required. Plaintiffs across SC trust us to provide hassle-free cash when it’s needed most.

Speak to one of our friendly case managers today to discuss your funding needs and get questions answered. You can start your application online or by calling 1-888-335-3537. We look forward to helping!

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