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South Dakota is the 15th largest state in the US with a population of 858,469 and ranks 10th in fatal injuries. The annual injury death rate in South Dakota is 70.3 per 100,000. Hence, it is ranked 17% higher than 60.1.

Residents in South Dakota drive up to 9 billion miles every year. It means the resident in South Dakota drives up to 10,861 miles annually. It stands 12.8% higher than 9630 miles annually as per the national average.

Drinking and driving habits, as well as local seatbelt use, also play a vital role in the rate of car accident deaths along with miles driven. Residents of South Dakota are quite bad with only 67% of the reported rate. The residents also drink too much before driving due to which car accident fatality is 15.5. It costs $177 million annually to the state.

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America Lawsuit Loans offers easy settlement loans in South Dakota. If you have an attorney and a valid lawsuit, you can easily be eligible for loans without any credit check and job history check. All you need to fill up our online application form and our experts will handle the rest. We provide lawsuit funding to the residents of South Dakota. You owe nothing in case you don’t win your lawsuit and you don’t have to repay your loan. You can easily receive cash advances within 24 hours. It takes years to get the settlement from lawsuits in South Dakota. This way America Lawsuit Loans really come in handy to help you assure financial freedom.

We understand the value of your time. This is why our application process is very simple and fast. There are different types of cases for which we provide lawsuit loans.

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