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South Dakota Lawsuit Loans For People With Pending Cases

A person who is in need of money while they have a pending personal injury case can now easily apply for lawsuit loans in South Dakota in exchange for a portion of their future compensation award. Generally, in a personal injury claim, you can get compensation from the party at fault, but for that, you have to file a court case and continue with the proceedings.

south dakota lawsuit loans

Court cases are expensive and take years to settle, but in the meantime, the person who suffered injuries needs resources to take care of the medical bills and personal expenses. It gets tough if you lose the job because of an injury or if any of your loved ones die because of someone else’s negligence. With a lawsuit loan, you can get a cash advance, which you can use right now to settle all the pending bills and repay the lender after winning the case.

What Types of Cases Can We Fund?

In South Dakota, we can fund multiple types of cases, but there are some limitations to the case type, so it’s better you connect with us via phone at 888-335-3537 or fill out the online application with your case type information to understand if you qualify for a lawsuit loan. However, some common cases that we can fund in South Dakota are:

  • Personal injury lawsuit
  • Car accident lawsuit
  • Product liability lawsuit
  • Premises liability lawsuit
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Mass Tort claims

Lawsuit Funding Qualification Criteria in South Dakota

To qualify for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan in South Dakota an applicant needs to fulfill certain criteria and those are

  • Your age must be above 18 if you are a plaintiff
  • Only family members can file for a lawsuit loan in case a person lost a life due to negligence
  • An attorney is working on your case and takes fees on a contingency basis
  • An attorney agrees to share case details with the lender and agrees to receive legal funding.
  • The applicant must agree to submit a portion of their future settlement award in exchange for funds
  • You are at no fault for the injuries you suffered and haven’t received any settlement yet

Once you fulfill all the criteria, you can apply for a lawsuit loan, but the approval is completely dependent on the merits of the case and whether the lender sees a potential settlement in the case. If they find its value, they will offer you a lump sum instantly.

What Will Be The Interest Rate On Lawsuit Loans?

There is no fixed rate of interest on such cash advances since the amount varies from case to case. However there are few things that can affect the lawsuit loans interest rate, and those are

  1. Value of future award
  2. Severity of injuries
  3. Expected time of settlement
  4. Asked amount

No Credit Check Are Required To Get Lawsuit Loan in South Dakota

America Lawsuit Loans offers easy settlement loans in South Dakota. If you have an attorney and a valid lawsuit, you can easily be eligible for loans without any credit check or job history check. All you need to do is fill out our online application form, and our experts will handle the rest. If you get approved for a lawsuit loan, you can use the money the way you want.

We put no obligation on the use of cash advances. Further, it’s risk-free money since we offer a non-recourse lawsuit loan, which gives you a debt-free solution. In case you lose the case, you don’t have to repay anything, and if you win, you can easily repay after receiving the settlement. We understand the value of your time; therefore, we have a very simple application process, and our approval rate is also very high in South Dakota.

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