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Tennessee is the 17th largest state in the US with a population of 6,600,299 residents and stands 18th when it comes to fatal injuries. The annual injury death rate in Tennessee is 78.4 per 100,000. This way, the state stands significantly higher by 30.6% than the national average (60.1).

On average, residents in Tennessee drive up to 77 billion miles every year. Hence, a resident drives up to 11,616 miles every year. It is found 20.6% higher than 9630 miles per year, which is the national average. The use of seatbelt and drunk driving also plays a vital role in increasing the rate of car accident deaths.

Residents have reported a rate of 84% in buckling up and they are above average. The drinking rate is 40.5% lower than 1.8% of the national average. The fatality rate of car accidents is 14.5 which unfavorably compares to 10.9, the national average. It costs $1250 million to the state every year.

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Some things are more stressful in life after getting involved in a personal injury case or having a car accident. If you are a plaintiff in Tennessee, you can easily be eligible for lawsuit loans. It might be hard to work if you have been injured and the medical bills also rise up and it also becomes harder to meet your expenses on a daily basis. Even though you are about to get your case settled, it might take time to process. But you can ease your financial burden by applying for lawsuit loans in Tennessee.

America Lawsuit Loans is the leading provider of lawsuit loans in Tennessee which are risk-free finances. These are no-risk, special cash advances that are designed specifically to relieve your stress and financial pressure. If your case is not decided in your favor or your case doesn’t settle, you don’t have to pay anything. You don’t have to pay interest until your case gets settled.

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