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Eligibility Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Settlement Loans

  • It is very easy to qualify for lawsuit loans. Here are the requirements
  • The victim of personal injury must not be younger than 18 years
  • The plaintiff must have a pending injury lawsuit and live in Wyoming
  • You get medical treatment for injuries
  • You have wrongful death, personal injury, or workers compensation claim
  • Individual must have a lawyer appointed on a contingency basis

Wyoming is the 20th largest state in the country with a population of 586,107 and ranks 25th for fatal injuries. The annual injury death rate in Wyoming is 85.5 per 100,000 and is ranked 42.3% higher than 60.1, which was the national average. The residents in Wyoming drive up to 10 billion miles every year.

Hence, the average resident drives up to 16,374 miles every year. It is 70% higher than 9630 miles per year, which is the national average. Along with miles covered, drinking and driving habits and seatbelt use also play a vital role. Residents in Wyoming are quite bad with a reported use rate of 77%. The percentage of people who drink too much to drive is 19.9%. The fatality rate in car accidents is 24.7 which costs $127 million every year to the state.

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Whether you are having broken or fractured bone, soft-tissue injury, amputation, lost limb, traumatic brain injury, torn knee, back injury, or any injury or have gone through surgery, you will be eligible for lawsuit loans. Unlike traditional loans, lawsuit loans in Wyoming is available for plaintiffs who need urgent cash in the middle of the lawsuit to survive financially until they get their settlement amount. Lawsuits in Wyoming can take longer to settle. But clients can take lawsuit loans during the process for the amount they are expecting in Wyoming. Settlement cash advance and lawsuit loans are offering a helping hand during the lengthy process.

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