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Quick & Simple Lawsuit Loans For Premises Liability Cases

If you have suffered an injury because of someone else mismanagement of their property, you are eligible for compensation. But for a fair value to the damages you have suffered litigation is the solution. Lawsuits are time-consuming and hiring a premises liability lawyer will definitely cost you a lot. Many people avoid taking the litigation route because of the absence of finances. But now with our premises liability lawsuit funding, you get a chance to fund your case until you receive a settlement award.

A premises liability settlement funding from our company is risk-free, making it the most suitable option to choose when you need the money to take care of finances while you are in litigation. Generally, for people who face injury at someone else property, it becomes tough to prove the accident and liability of the property owner, this usually delays the case, and the plaintiff is left full of bills like hospital expenses, fees for caregivers, and litigation costs. All these sudden expenses definitely create a worrying situation for the plaintiff.

And no one likes debt, so we offer you a non-recourse pre-settlement loan on your premises liability case. It gives you the ability to repay the loan only after winning the case. It is the responsibility of the property owners and land owners to maintain their property safe as per the standard. In case of negligence and ignorance, if any accident happens on their property because of poor maintenance, they are liable for the damages the other person faces. Premises liability law will protect the person who suffered injuries and our lawsuit loans will definitely help you to keep your finances in check during the litigation proceedings.

premises liability lawsuit funding

What Type Of Premises Liability Claims Can Get A Lawsuit Loan?

Premises liability as the term suggests refers to the legal responsibility of the land owner or the property owner to maintain safety standards. It is their responsibility to keep their property in a way that it doesn’t cause any hazardous conditions for the visitors. In case, a person gets injured in unsafe property conditions, they can file a premises liability claim against the owner to get a fair settlement for the damages they suffered. Here are some of the most common cases of premises liability lawsuits for which you can get pre-settlement funding:

  • Slip and fall accidents are caused because of wet floors, icy sidewalks, and poor lighting on the property.
  • Injuries are caused because of negligent security, such as assault in the parking lot with poor lighting conditions.
  • Swimming pools are also prone to accidents when they are not maintained properly, and the owner is liable to pay the damages.
  • A dog bite is also a form of premises liability, if it happens on the owner’s property and the animal attacks the visitor.
  • Any injury that occurred because of a building code violation (fire, flooding, etc.) is eligible for premises liability pre-settlement funding.
  • Injuries or accidents that happen because of broken-down elevators/escalators are also eligible.
  • Any accident that happens in an amusement park because of a broken ride or malfunction falls under the premises liability law umbrella.

In premises liability claims, a plaintiff has to prove the property owner is aware of the dangerous conditions and still chooses to ignore them. Severe injuries with high medical expenses lost wages, and strong evidence of negligence tend to be the best candidates for pre-settlement funding.

How To Get Premises Liability Lawsuit Loan?

The eligibility criteria are very simple for a premises liability lawsuit loan. All you need is a pending court case where you are the victim of injuries suffered at someone else poorly managed property. However, not all cases can get lawsuit funding, therefore, you have to ensure that your case is worthy enough for our company to offer you a pre-settlement cash advance against your premises liability claim.

Our pre-settlement funding gets you the cash advance when your case is still in court, in exchange we will take a portion of your future settlement. The money that you will get in the form of premises liability settlement funding can cover the living expenses when you are not able to work because of the injuries. Further, you only need to repay the advance of your win the case.

Who can get the cash?

  • Anyone who has a pending premises liability case can apply.
  • An attorney should be working on your case and take fees on a contingency basis.
  • You suffered severe injuries in the accident which occurred on poorly managed property
  • You are willing to share a portion of your future settlement award with us in case of winning.

How to get the cash?

  • Start with submitting a loan application online, provide case-related details and attorney information
  • Wait as we have to review your case. Based on the strength of the case we will offer you a lumpsum
  • You will get the cash, once you sign the contract with us, where we have the funding terms mentioned.

How much cash can I get from premises liability legal funding?

The amount that you can get from premises liability lawsuit funding will depend on the case strength. Generally, a plaintiff can get between $500 to $100,000 in cash advance for a premises liability claim. The more strong your case will be the higher will be the loan amount. Further, the severity of injury and case type do play a crucial role in determining the loan amount.

Why Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding Is A Better Choice?

When you are in need of cash during a pending settlement, only a few options are available, either you can take a bank loan, get cash from funds, use your savings, or get a pre-settlement loan. Other than pre-settlement loans, all funds are not necessarily available in a quick duration. Neither they are risk-free. Here are some of the benefits you will get if you opt for premises liability legal funding from America Lawsuit Loans.

Urgent Funds Available: If you are in a hurry to get the cash, and you can’t wait for the paperwork or approval of a bank, nor do you want to risk your properties, pre-settlement funding is the solution. We offer lawsuit loans in less than 24 hours if your case is approved and you can quickly get cash which you can use to pay the pending expenses.

Approval Is Based On Case: We fund cases, which means we are going to fund premises liability claims. But to get the loan, you must have a strong case. Because no other financial institution can give you cash based on your litigation strength, they will ask for a credit rating and work history. Whereas our company considers your lawsuit as collateral and provides a loan based on it.

No Debt Accumulation: Since we are offering you a cash advance based on your lawsuit merit, so you don’t have to worry about the repayment, it will made via your settlement award. In fact, you are getting a settlement not, before the actual settlement which will help you strengthen your finances. So you will be adding no extra debt on your current situation.

Risk-Free & Obligation-Free: This is the best part of lawsuit funding, they carry zero risk and no obligation. Here you are getting the cash based on the case strength so the lender is taking complete risk and providing you the risk-free money. If you win you repay the loan with interest, and if you lose you pay back nothing, making it the most attractive option to choose if you need cash. Further, you can use the money to pay for anything, like paying for surgery, medical bills, rent, day-to-day expenses, and litigation costs.

Americal Lawsuit Loans Provides Quick Legal Funds For Your Premises Liability Claims

Being in a premises liability lawsuit can shake your finances a lot. Whether it’s huge medical bills, lost wages because of injury, or the litigation cost. All of these extra expenses can definitely create a financial dent in common people with regular income. Our company has been providing lawsuit loans for more than 10 years and has been able to funder tens and thousands of cases so far. Many of the cases we fund are from personal injury including the premises liability lawsuit. If you or your loved one suffered an injury at someone else property because of the owner’s mismanagement, you can apply for a premises liability lawsuit loan, if you have a pending court case.

Our cash advances are risk-free, as we put no obligation to repay if you lose the case. Only you have to repay if you win. Further, we are here to help and not to profit from the victim. We do have an interest rate on the cash we offer, but we are competitive in rates. Being a trustworthy company in litigation financing, we can offer your cash advance on your premises liability claim, if you are willing to surrender a portion of the settlement award with us.

Don’t hesitate to apply with us, in case you are unsure if you will qualify or not. Our application process is completely free and anyone with a court case can apply for a lawsuit loan on their premises liability or slip and fall claims.

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