Maryland Juvenile Detention Centers Faces 100 of Lawsuits for Decade of Abuse & Neglect

Maryland Juvenile Detention Center is a place that is meant to help and correct children. But imagine being a child who has to bear unspeakable abuse and neglect at the center with no other option. These victims have to go through several traumatic experiences for years and the perpetrators are free. Now the same victims who once suffered at the hands of priests, nuns, and guards at the correctional facility are now suing the detention center. 100 and more lawsuits have been filed alleging a decade of neglect and sexual abuse. These victims are demanding compensation and emphasis on holding the center accountable for their gruesome actions against children.

Dozens of Women Sue Maryland Juvenile Detention Centers For Sexual Abuse

39 women have come forward with the lawsuit that accuses the Baltimore County facility of sexual abuse and negligence for decades. These women claim that the Good Shepard Services, a known facility that used to be run by the Catholic religious order, instead of protecting them, were abused by the people at these centers.

These lawsuits allege that the Maryland Department Of Juvenile Services sent children to the correction facilities, but the monitoring was negligent in those facilities leading to sexual abuse of them.

The Horrors of Good Shepherd Services

At the heart of these lawsuits is the now-defunct Good Shepherd Services, a facility run by a Catholic religious order in Halethorpe, Maryland. This supposed haven for troubled youth operated for nearly 50 years, but as it turns out, behind closed doors, it was a veritable hell on earth.

According to the brave women who have spoken out, the children sent to Good Shepherd Services faced unspeakable horrors. Instead of receiving the guidance and support they so desperately needed, they found themselves at the mercy of predatory staff members – guards, counselors, teachers, and even members of the clergy – who exploited their positions of power to inflict unimaginable harm.

The details of the abuse are sickening. Children were allegedly groomed, drugged, and sexually assaulted by the very adults entrusted with their care. They were threatened and silenced, their pleas for help ignored by those who had the power to intervene.

Perhaps most disturbing of all is the allegation that state agencies were aware of the abuse taking place at Good Shepherd Services but continued to send children there despite the warning signs.

Systemic Failure That Went Unnoticed

Tragically, the horrors uncovered at Good Shepherd Services are just the tip of the iceberg. In the wake of Maryland’s decision to lift the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse lawsuits, a shocking 200 cases have been filed against the state’s juvenile justice agency, pointing to a systemic failure of catastrophic proportions.

The stories that have emerged are nothing short of heart-wrenching. Across 15 juvenile detention facilities, spanning decades from the 1960s to as recently as 2017, countless children endured physical and sexual abuse at the hands of those who were meant to protect them.

The Toll of Trauma

There’s the 14-year-old girl, identified only as Jane Doe, who was repeatedly raped and assaulted in the showers and supply closets of a facility where she was being held without even having been convicted of a crime. There are the three men who have come forward with accounts of abuse dating back to the 1980s, their lives shattered by the trauma they endured.

The toll this kind of abuse takes on a person is immeasurable. Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, the inability to even sleep through the night – these are just some of the countless ways in which the lives of these survivors have been forever altered.

Call for Accountability Is Required

And yet, the Department of Juvenile Services claims to have been unaware of these allegations, despite credible evidence of physical abuse uncovered by the Department of Justice as far back as 2004.

It’s clear that the system has failed these children on every level. The very institutions tasked with their care and rehabilitation have instead become breeding grounds for abuse and neglect.

As a society, we cannot turn a blind eye to this suffering. These courageous survivors deserve our support, our compassion, and our unwavering commitment to justice.

A Demand for Change

It’s time for the state of Maryland to face the ugly truth that has festered in its juvenile detention centers for far too long. It’s time for transparency, accountability, and a top-to-bottom overhaul of a system that has so catastrophically failed our most vulnerable children.

Change will not come easily, but we must not waver in our resolve. The lives of countless children hang in the balance, and we owe it to them to fight for a future where they can heal, grow, and thrive, free from the shadows of abuse and neglect.

A Movement for Justice

Let the stories of these brave survivors be a clarion call to action. Let them be the spark that ignites a movement for change, a movement that says, “No more.” No more silence, no more suffering, no more children left to fend for themselves in the face of unspeakable horrors.

The time for justice is now, and we must not rest until every child in Maryland’s care is safe, nurtured, and protected. Anything less is a betrayal of the sacred trust we owe to the most innocent among us.

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