Why Car Accident Settlement Takes So Long?

Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

People who have been in car accident and awaiting settlement, often wonder why their car accident settlement is taking so long. Even when it’s an open and shut case, it can be delayed for months or even years. These delays often frustrate the injured person. A car accident doesn’t just affect the person physically, but it also takes a heavy chunk of their savings on bills and court fees. They want the settlement to be resolved quickly so that they can have peace of mind through fair compensation.

Car accident settlement generally takes a few months or even years, but not every case are same. Further, there are a few hold-ups that can help you understand why your car accident settlement is taking so long.

Some Of The Common Reasons That Car Accident Settlement Takes So Long Are:

Complexity Of The Case

If you are in an accident that involves multiple cars, and serious injuries then surely the settlement process will take some time. Since you were in an accident that happened because of multiple cars colliding with each other, and to determine who is at fault, the court needs proof. Gathering proof in such scenarios is not easy and to come to a conclusion, the court will need solid proofs and testimonies.

Since the investigation process is going to be a very lengthy one, you have to wait till all things are collected and presented in court. So complexity of the case is a primary factor that a car accident settlement takes so much time to settle.

Severity Of Injuries

An injury that you face plays a crucial role in determining the amount that you will get as compensation. But it is also one of the factors that delay the car accident settlement to some extent. While you file a lawsuit, you have to submit the medical records too. In some cases, severe injuries require months or years of medical treatment.

At first, maybe your doctor would not be able to predict the complete course of treatment, and how much the treatment will cost. But neither the court nor the insurance company can conclude a payment until you have a final treatment amount. These unfortunately slow down the process of settlement.

Insurance Company Delaying Tactics

We have noticed in many cases, the insurance providers deliberately delay the settlement process. They do this to minimize the payout and put extra pressure on the victims to accept a lower settlement amount. Since the injured person is already in a lot of financial trouble like medical bills, lost wages, and court fees, insurance companies try to use this situation for their gain.

This delays the settlement process a lot if your insurance provider is not active and has no empathy. But now with the option of car accident loans, you don’t have to fall for the lowball settlement. You can get the money now from a lawsuit loan company and repay once you win.

Legal Proceedings Are Slow

In general legal proceedings are slow, this is not just with car accident lawsuits but with every civil case too. And on top of that if your case goes to trial you have to bear with the court for months and even years, as they will take apt time to come to a judgment.

You cannot just blame the court for the delay in car accident settlement; it is because of the other departments that have to conduct a lengthy investigation.

Conducting Lengthy Investigations

Insurance companies spend weeks and months investigating the accident circumstances and severity of damages. This is not only to verify losses but to uncover any evidence that might allow them to deny or minimize the claim.

While it’s reasonable for insurers to investigate legitimate uncertainties, they often prolong the process unnecessarily just to delay your settlements.

By using cheap tactics, insurance companies can stall the process for months before they even make a serious offer. Unfortunately, this is simply part of their business model. But being aware of these things can help you avoid getting taken advantage of.

Incomplete Documentation

Documentation plays a crucial role in determining how quickly your case will resolve. The strength of your case and the severity of the damages can only be presented in court via documents.

In any case, your documentation is incomplete; the settlement process will definitely get delayed. If there is missing or incomplete documentation related to the accident, such as police reports, medical records, or witness statements, it can slow down the settlement process.

Busy Courts Because Of Pending Cases

Your car accident settlement will be delayed if your claim cannot be resolved through insurance negotiations alone. Further, the case gets handed over to the sluggish court system.

Lawsuits are meant to help accident victims receive fair compensation when an insurer refuses to settle reasonably. But opting for a courtroom decision also guarantees an even slower process due to overburdened courts.

Judges and attorneys alike are saddled with crushing caseloads. It can take months or years just to get a court date, then even longer for a final judgment. Navigating this congested legal system will keep you from a swift settlement.

Tips to Expedite Your Car Accident Settlement Process

It’s frustrating to have your life on hold waiting for compensation that seems like it will never arrive. However, there are a few things you can do to help speed up an excessively delayed settlement:

Have Proper Documentation Before Filing

One of the main ways insurance companies stall settlements is by claiming they need additional documentation. Don’t let this hold things up. Keep complete records such as:

  • Medical reports and bills
  • Collision repair estimates
  • Lost income documentation
  • Ongoing expenses from the accident

Having this evidence organized and easily accessible can help prevent delays related to requests for more paperwork.

Hire An Expert Car Accident Lawyer

Most insurers will try to take advantage of unrepresented claimants who don’t know their full legal rights and options. A good car accident lawsuit attorney can use their negotiation skills and persistence to expedite stalled claims.

They know how to effectively deal with common insurance company delay tactics, force action on unreasonable delays, and maximize your settlement amount. This expertise can help speed resolutions that may have dragged on indefinitely without representation.

Negotiate in Good Faith

Making unrealistic demands or refusing reasonable offers delays settlements. Have honest discussions with your attorney about fair compensation amounts based on your documented losses.

Being open to credible counteroffers keeps negotiations moving. Offer flexibility showing you aim to reach an equitable settlement. Your good faith can influence insurers to resolve the matter reasonably.

Consider Settlement Over Lawsuit

Lawsuits should be a last resort if insurance negotiation fails because they will add months or years to the process. Weigh if it’s better to compromise and settle for less (with quicker payment) rather than pursue maximum compensation through lengthy litigation.

There are pros and cons to both options. Discuss with your lawyer whether settling or suing will get you fair compensation faster in your specific case. Just know that lawsuits will inevitably increase delays.

In Summary

It’s unfortunately quite common for car accident claims to take months or even years to resolve through insurance settlements or lawsuits. Since now you know why car accident settlement takes so long and the main hold-ups. This will help you manage expectations and avoid unnecessary frustrations.

Keep pushing for the best settlement your claim deserves. But also be prepared for a lengthy process, especially if injuries are severe or multiple insurers are involved. Consider hiring an attorney to expedite the car accident settlement process.

Remain patient and organize documentation of your accident. This will help you withstand the long road to settlement and continue to focus on your recovery in the meantime.

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