Slipping and Falling – How Much Can You Sue For?

Taking a nasty fall can happen so fast – one minute you’re walking down the cereal aisle searching for your favorite bran flakes, the next minute your legs have flown out from underneath and you’ve landed smack on the cold hard floor. Other than bruised pride and a sore backside, some falls lead to truly serious injuries that require months of treatment and rehabilitation.

If your fall occurred due to unsafe conditions, you may have a premises liability case on your hands. I’ve helped numerous clients file successful lawsuits after bad falls, leading to settlements ranging from a few thousand to over one million dollars. But how much is a slip and fall case actually worth? Keep reading to find out.

How Badly Are You Hurt?

The severity of your injury following a slip and fall is the biggest factor impacting how much compensation you can recover. More serious injuries that lead to lengthy hospitalizations, surgery, permanent impairments or disabilities warrant much higher payouts than minor sprains and bruises.

Some common major injuries in fall cases include:

  • Fractures requiring casts or metal plates. Breaking bones often necessitates significant medical intervention to heal properly.
  • Traumatic head, neck or back injuries. Slipping discs, concussions, neck fractures or spinal cord damage frequently result in permanent issues.
  • Hip injuries. Fractured hips are frighteningly common in elderly fall victims and make recovery extremely difficult.

If your case involves catastrophic injuries, settlements climbing well into the six or seven figure range are possible, especially when long-term care is necessary.

Was It Their Fault?

In premises liability cases, the degree of fault attributable to the property owner also impacts your payout. Certain states apply “contributory negligence” laws lowering awards if you are even 1% to blame for the fall. However, if strong evidence clearly shows the premises conditions caused your fall, the full value of damages may be recoverable.

Some examples of provable negligence include:

  • Wet flooring without “Caution” signs
  • Poor lighting hiding trip hazards
  • Torn carpeting, uneven floors
  • Items blocking walkways

Winning slip and fall cases hinges on proving the property owner failed to address dangers they knew or should have known about. An experienced personal injury lawyer can demonstrate negligence through official reports, employee statements, expert inspections and more.

What About Lost Wages and Bills?

In addition to physical pain, fall victims often accumulate major financial losses from medical expenses, lost income and reduced working capacity. These “special damages” make up a significant portion of slip and fall settlements.

Typical special damages include:

  • Doctor visits, surgery, hospitalization
  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation
  • In-home care or nursing facilities

Additionally, days, weeks or months of missed work really add up. Those unable to return to their occupation may endure major lifetime income loss. Factoring in all current and future calculable costs produces larger case values.

What is Pain and Suffering Worth?

Unlike medical bills and lost wages, assigning a dollar figure to “pain and suffering” can be tricky. How much is constant agony, depression, sleepless nights or a lifetime disability worth? Typically judges and insurance companies apply a multiplier of 1.5 to 5 times special damages.

For example, $100,000 in medical expenses and lost income x 3 = $300,000 for pain and suffering.

The exact multiplier often comes down to negotiation and the skill of your legal team. Cases with horrendous injuries or ongoing procedures generally justify higher multipliers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, slip and fall cases are extremely fact-intensive when assessing potential value. Settlement amounts vary widely based on injury severity, provable negligence, special damages calculation and subjective pain levels.

While minor falls may settle quickly for $3,000 – $7,500, severely disabling or fatal cases see multimillion dollar awards. Experienced personal injury attorneys can request injury documentation, lost wage reports, expert opinions and more to maximize case value.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious slip and fall injury, we provide cash advance on your slip and fall accident case. Call today to understand your options and start pursuing the maximum compensation you deserve.

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