Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

Injured in Car Accident? Apply For Car Accident Settlement Loans.

If you are one of the litigants who is fighting a legal battle for compensation against a car accident. Then we are here to help you with your finances. We are the provider of car accident lawsuit loans that assist you during your financial problem raised between an ongoing court case. Our settlement advance ranges from $500 to $250,000 depending on the strength of your lawsuit. There are a few requirements that you must fulfill before applying for a car accident pre-settlement funding at America lawsuit loans. If answers for all the below queries are yes then you are eligible for loans.

  • Have you recently suffered from a car accident?
  • Did you file an injury lawsuit against the offender?
  • Insurance companies are neglecting to settle the amount?
  • Is an attorney representing your case?

We have a team of funding specialists who are friendly and enthusiastically and assist the plaintiff in filing the car accident settlement loans applications. All you need is to provide some basic information by filling up the contact form.

How Car Accident Loans are Beneficial for Plaintiffs?

A person can suffer death threatening problems if he/she met a car accident. Because of negligent driving, there are thousands of plaintiffs who are going through the trauma of the accident and at the same time fighting for the compensation. It’s hard to manage the financial scenarios during the time of the accident. During the process of healing, you have to fight a legal battle to get the appropriate compensation from the offender. In such times car accident loans come in handy as it improves your financial condition by helping you with unpaid legal and medical bills. Major benefits of Car accident pre-settlement loans are

Risk-Free auto accident loans.

It is not some earthshattering loans that you take from the bank. It is not even a loan because in loans you need to repay the amount whereas the car accident lawsuit loans are non-recourse loans that our funding company offers to the applicants. The amount which you received is given against the expected settlement amount. Since it is a non-recourse loan we never expect to get the repayment from the plaintiff if the judgment is not in favor of our client. Hence it is now clear that car accident loans are risk-free loans that can be repaid easily once you win the case. No obligations help you to live stress-free during the period of an ongoing court case. In most of the accident cases, you can apply for any kind of auto accident loans with us.

Easy to get same-day accident loans.

Banks ask too much while offering a loan but with lawsuit funding agencies like America Lawsuit loans you have the easiness of getting loans without too much question asked. With minimal information like the type of case, attorney details, and case file we review the application. We perform no credit check so you can rest assured that none of your past financial records will be judged or checked while reviewing your loan application. One more thing which matters the most in getting the lowest rates of car accident lawsuit loans is approval time and fund transfer time. So you can relax if you apply for a lawsuit loan with us as our approval time is 24hours and once you get the approval your funds will be transacted in a day with the mode of payment you choose.

Process of Getting Car Accident Settlement Funding


If you are the injured one in the car accident and need some urgent cash to pay the bills and fight a legal battle. All you need to do is to apply for a car accident pre-settlement loan by filling the form. Give us details like name, contact details, attorney information, and lawsuit details.


Once you fill the form of car accident lawsuit loan and give basic information. We will get in touch with the attorney to get knowledge of the case. From expected compensation amount to time during the settlement, we will get details so that we can finalize the suitable amount to offer.


After our specialists in funding study the details of an accident claim, and if your cases pass the terms then your application will go for approval. Don’t worry we just take 24 hours to approve the case. Once it is done and you agree to our guidelines we transfer the funds to you in the next 24 hours.

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