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America Lawsuit Loans is a legal funding company that offers non-recourse structured settlements to those who are in a legit court case of personal injury. We aid the plaintiff with the lowest rates and no credit check loans.

So that they can proceed with their pending cases without the trouble of finances. Personal Injury lawsuit loans pave an easy way for the plaintiff to access funds for their lawsuit.

If you are struggling financially with your personal injury claims, we are here to give you personal injury loans. We fund several kinds of personal injury cases and help you with:

How We Estimate Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans?

The amount which we offer is completely determined after reviewing the court case of the plaintiff.

Our pre-settlement loans for personal injury are safest from other kinds of credits like bank loans, credit cards, loans from relatives, or friends.

Cash advances that we offer are completely different from bank loans, as we offer credits based on your lawsuit, whereas bank gives loans based on your past financial records.

To estimate the perfect loan amount for your personal injury cases we use some factors. These factors are solely responsible for evaluating the loan amount which we can give.


In personal injury cases, we note the number of wounds both major and minor the applicant is suffering from. The health condition and damages caused by accidents. Trauma and any future complexes which the litigant can face are also a crucial part of our review.


We look into the possibilities of the lawsuit. Our Lawsuit Loans experts look out for the major reason behind the accident. After assuming the offender’s responsibility in the case we calculate the expected compensation amount which we can hope from the litigation.


Different states have different policies to deliver a specific amount to the injured. In the US policies of settlement funding change from state to state. As a national funding agency, we look for the best coverage and offer the plaintiff the best personal injury loans.

Personal Injury Loans Faq’s

How to Qualify For Personal Injury Claims?

To be eligible for injury pre-settlement loans, you require a legitimate court case. Furthermore, an attorney must be handling your case and works on a contingency fee basis. You automatically get eligible for any kind of personal injury loan if you satisfy the condition given above.

Risks of personal injury pre-settlement loans?

It is the least risky kind of loan as compared to other bank loans. Our litigation funding works on the mechanism of non-recourse. It means that we never ask for any repayment if you lose the case. Since we offer loans against future compensation, it gets easy for you to repay the amount back once you win the case. With zero upfront charges and no monthly payments, our loans are the most trustworthy way to fund your litigation.

What is the average loan approval time?

Since we offer personal injury pre-settlement loans without the complexes of credit checks, and financial track records the approval time reduces drastically. This removal of paperwork leverages us to provide funds as personal injury lawsuit loans in a day or two. To have further details regarding your case, submit the lawsuit loans application form given below.

How does it help to maximize compensation?

In various cases, we have seen that plaintiffs opt to settle for a lower compensation amount than the expected one because of the scarcity of money to fund their personal injury lawsuits. Our credits come in handy and help the litigant to fight the complete lawsuit and get an appropriate compensation amount without hampering their daily living expenses.

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