Settlement Loans are a kind of cash advance that Lawsuit financing firms provide to the plaintiffs so that they can meet their financial expenses during a pending lawsuit. Litigation funding firm like us offers low-interest loans to plaintiffs who are facing a fiscal crisis in their life because of an ongoing trial.

We offer settlement funding to those who are waiting for a court case or the insurance company to settle. Often such Lawsuit takes months or years to get complete.

Further, a lawsuit can create a pile of unpaid bills because of a shortage of cash. The primary reason behind plaintiffs’ unpaid bills is the inability to work due to injuries. Sometime a plaintiff may not even work for their whole life because of the disability caused due to injuries. Then is the time we come into the picture.

As settlement proceeds, you need to pay bills, medical expenses, and law firm costs. At the same time, you may be unable to work due to your injuries and time spent in court, which makes your financial burden even more stressful. Personal loans, bank loans, or credit cards can be the options for paying the bills, but they are going to ruin all your savings. A settlement loan is an option that many who are involved in personal injury lawsuits consider for financial relief.

Are you currently involved in a lawsuit because of the injuries you have suffered? If you need Lawsuit Loans money as you wait for the insurance company or other parties to settle? Get cash against future settlement!


We are a pre-settlement funding specialist that provides the funds within 24 hours in most case types. Furthermore, our firm understands your situation and advances your money quickly with no credit check. It means no repayments to America Lawsuit Loans unless you settle your case.

We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week at your service—a few reasons to select us.


Once your request for a loan gets approved. Further, you are entitled to receive immediate cash for your expenses.


Process of Applying for cash advances at America Lawsuit Loans is straightforward and gets quickly completed by plaintiffs.


We never delay the processes at our firm. Since you need the cash quickly, we provide same-day processing.


As a litigation funding firm, we never ask for the monthly payment, and you only pay after the case settles in your favor.


We don’t perform credit checks while issuing the loan; all we care about is to help the plaintiffs in their hardship.


Pre-settlement advances are beneficial for covering the costs of day-to-day living expenses, medical bills, and legal fees. Moreover, they are also useful for those who receive their money in structured payments. Since an individual who is facing financial hardship, our simple funding process allows them to receive an advance which they can use to keep the litigation ongoing. Once you win your case and earn compensation money, you can repay the loan.

Cash advances are beneficial for plaintiffs in many reasons. But you must research around to find the perfect legal financing company for you. A reputable lender like us will offer reasonable interest rates. In this way, you keep more of your received settlement money.

Therefore, to get rid of your fiscal problem, without the worry of credit scores, partner with us, and make your life happy.



If you are a plaintiff having a genuine case related to a personal injury lawsuit. You are eligible for settlement funding. All you need is to fill the contact form with details like Name, Email Id, Contact Number, Case Details, Attorney Details, and the amount needed.


Our executives will get in touch with you and explain all the policies of the company. We will contact your attorney and ask them to submit your case file. Depending on the review and based on strength of the case we will determine the loan amount which we can offer.


Once the whole process of approval gets over. We will ask about the mode of payment in which the plaintiff needs the loan. After you agree with the loan amount we will then transfer the via electronic transfers, Demand Drafts, Cheques, and sometimes even cash.


How to Get Settlement Funding?

Getting the funding is easy with America Lawsuit Loans; all a plaintiff need is to fill a contact form and apply for a loan against any kind of litigation. For getting a fund, an individual must have a valid lawsuit. An attorney representing the case in the state court or country court of America. We fund several kinds of litigation, and if there is still some confusion regarding types of cases we support, call us at +1 888-335-3537

How much time takes for litigation financing?

It entirely depends on the collaboration and assistance of an attorney representing the plaintiff. If the plaintiff attorney submits documents relevant to the case at the earliest possible, in just 24 hours after approval of a loan, we allocate the money.

What happens if a plaintiff loses the case?

Most of the plaintiff asks the question of what will have if they lose the case. Our lawsuit loan company always takes special care while funding the amount. Most of the time, we offer a loan against the litigation, which has more probability of winning. However, if you lose a case, our company will never ask for the repayment of the loan amount.

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