Pre-settlement Loans

Pre-settlement loans are a form of cash advance that is given to the plaintiff prior to the settlement of the court case. These loans are further used by the applicant for paying up the medical bills, day to living expenses, attorney fees, and other legal bills. Litigation can take some time to resolve but during the process, you may have to spend some money to keep the lawsuit ongoing. In case you run out of money and require urgent cash, then pre settlement lawsuit funding is a great source to avail fast cash. America Lawsuit Loans is a pre-settlement funding company in the United States. We are a reputable organization when it comes to offering legal funding. We have a past track record of providing loans within 24hours of approval. You can use the pre-settlement money to fund several types of cases ranging from

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Pre-Settlement Loans FAQ’s

Why take pre-settlement Lawsuit Loans?

If case you suffered an injury due to the negligence of others, you can opt for compensation from the offender. But to get the compensation you need to file a lawsuit, but during the period of litigation, you may have a scarcity of money due to medical bills and the extra burden of the legal bill. Then is the correct time to file for settlement loans. So that you can have enough money to pay up the bills.

How much loan amount you can get?

Our Lawsuit Funding Company provides pre-settlement loans between $500 to $2, 50,000. But the lawsuit amount which we can offer as an advance completely depends on the strength of your case as well as on the compensation money we are expecting in the future. Hence while filing for pre-settlement funding we ask for complete details related to litigation and attorney. But don’t worry most of the genuine cases get an optimal cash advance which never exceeds the future compensation amount.

Time we take to clear settlement loan?

The duration which we take to provide legal funding completely depends on the attorney’s way of response. Once the applicant fills up the contact detail, our executives will contact the law firm to get details related to the applicant. After reviewing the case, we determine the loan amount which we can offer. Finalizing of loan amount take 24hour from the time of submission of complete documents. Hence, as quickly we receive the litigation details, the quicker we approve the loan.

If Applicant Loses the Court Case?

In case the applicant loses the court case, then they have the benefit of not repaying any amount back to the firm. As our Pre Settlement loans are the non-recourse solution. It means that there is no risk in taking the loan to fund the lawsuit as we never ask for money back if our client loses the case. Though the success rate of our company is around 80%, which proves that in most cases, the applicant wins the case and returns the money after receiving the compensation.