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If you are looking for easy cash advances that can help you cover your financial problems while you have an ongoing lawsuit in the State of New Jersey, then you are in the right place. We provide quick and easy lawsuit loans in New Jersey. You can fill out an application with us and use lawsuit loans to pay for the costs of a lawsuit or a personal injury claim. You can only get the money if you have an ongoing lawsuit or are waiting for a settlement. Further, you can use the money to pay all the outstanding medical bills, legal fees, and mortgage repayment, or simply cover some family expenses after settlement (while waiting for a reward). We make it easy for people in New Jersey to get pre-settlement loans for different kinds of cases, from personal injury claims to business litigation. You get risk-free funding with very little paperwork and time. If you need funds for your case, we are here for you. Just apply for New Jersey lawsuit loans and get up to $100,000 in cash advances.

Who qualifies for lawsuit loans in New Jersey?

With America Lawsuit Loans, it’s easy to apply. We’ve had a 95% acceptance rate in the past, but you should know that there are a few requirements you need to meet in order to get a cash advance from us. You will only get a lawsuit loan if you

  • Have an ongoing lawsuit
  • You are injured because of someone else negligence
  • You have a case in New Jersey “courts”
  • An attorney is representing your case
  • There is a high probability of winning the case

Further, people who have been awarded a settlement from the court but are still waiting for a payout from the other party can also apply for post-settlement lawsuit funding.

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Cases Allowed For Lawsuit Loans

Since lawsuit loans are allowed in New Jersey, plaintiffs take a sigh of relief that they can use the cash advance even before receiving any settlement. But not all cases are allowed for lawsuit funding in New Jersey; a list of cases that are eligible for legal funding

To see the complete list of eligible cases, please check the page Cases We Fund.

Benefits Of Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans are known for their great benefits to the plaintiff. It gives the plaintiff financial stability during the settlement process. The cash advances can really act as a buffer for some emergencies, like medical surgery, hospital bills, and most importantly, legal fees. In the absence of lawsuit funding, a claimant may file loan applications at the banks, which we all know will take too much time. The legal process can use up all your savings, and still, you may have a few more years without judgment. All these situations get eased up with a simple lawsuit loan in New Jersey. The biggest benefit of lawsuit loans is that if the plaintiff loses the case, he or she doesn’t have to pay back the loan. In simple terms, the pros of legal funding help plaintiffs get a fair trial and compensation without worrying about cash shortages.

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It’s really quick and easy to get lawsuit loans from our company. Our application process is simple: you need to provide only the necessary details, and we don’t perform any credit checks. If you have a winnable case, we can fund you with low-interest lawsuit loans in New Jersey. All you need to provide is:

  • Case Details (Genuine Cases are only accepted)
  • Attorney Details (Attorney must work on contingency fee basis)
  • Amount Required

It is effortless to apply with us; just call us at our official number (888) 335-3537 or fill out the below-given online application. We are happy to inform you that we provide lawsuit loans in almost every major city in New Jersey.

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