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When you’re in need of money to pay medical bills, attorney fees, or other costs related to your lawsuit, you may feel like the process will take forever before you actually receive the money you need to pay these expenses. Don’t worry—there are ways that you can access the cash flow more quickly.

Utah lawsuit loans are offered to people who are in the middle of lawsuits, and the money from these loans can be used to help cover living expenses and other costs that come with the lawsuit process. It’s often difficult for people to find personal loans, even with good credit scores, so these types of lawsuit loans have become more popular in recent years, as they offer alternatives to traditional bank loans that are often not available to people during the middle of lawsuit proceedings.

Pre-settlement cash advance in Utah

Pre-settlement funding is a new type of lawsuit financing that can be used to get you the money you need to make it through the lawsuit process. Pre-settlement funding is also known as lawsuit loans. It’s an advance on your settlement funds. That is, if you win or settle your case, you will not be required to make any monthly payments. You don’t have to worry about having enough money for groceries or rent while waiting for your settlement funds; with pre-settlement funding.

We look at three things when we evaluate applicants:

1) The strength of their case

2) Severity of injuries

3) Expected settlement time

Some accident stats in Utah

Utah is the third-largest state in the US with a population of 2,995,919 and ranks second for fatal injuries. Utah has a wrongful death rate of 62.7 per 100,000 people, which is 4.4% higher than the national average of 60.1 per 100,000 people. Residents in Utah drive up to 30 billion miles every year. Hence, the average resident drives up to 9881 miles annually, which is 2.6% higher than the national average in the US, i.e., 9630 miles annually. Drinking and driving habits, along with local seatbelt use, also play a vital role in the rate of car accident deaths. Residents reported an 82% use rate of seat belts. People have also recorded a 62.1% lower drinking rate before driving.

At America Lawsuit Loans, we help a lot of plaintiffs in personal injury cases in Utah get pre-settlement lawsuit loans. We give cash advances that don’t have to be paid back unless the client wins the case.

Who is Eligible for Lawsuit Loans?

Anyone who has an injury that was caused by another person or entity The injury can be anything from a slip and fall to a car accident. For example, if you were in a car accident because the other driver was drunk, the other driver is responsible for paying your medical bills and any lost wages you may incur as a result of the accident.

Cases We Fund in Utah

Benefits of Utah Lawsuit Loans

Here are five advantages of obtaining lawsuit loans if you are currently involved in a lawsuit or legal action.

1) You can use the money for anything

Lawsuit loans are a great way to get money in your bank account without having to worry about the hassle and restrictions that come with a traditional loan. If you have a pending lawsuit, then you might qualify for a lawsuit loan. With this type of cash advance, you can use the money for anything, from paying off bills to buying groceries.

2) You don’t have to repay the loan if you lose your case

One of the best things about lawsuit loans is that if you lose your case, you don’t have to pay back the loan. This way, you’ll be able to keep some cash in the bank for other expenses and won’t have any debt due from a lawsuit.

3) The interest rate is usually lower than credit cards

Lawsuit loans are a good option for people who need money quickly but can’t qualify for loans from banks. The interest rates on lawsuit loans are usually lower than on credit cards, so the expense is less of a burden.

4) You can get the money fast

If you have a pending lawsuit and need money fast to pay for living expenses, medical bills, or other debts, then you may want to consider a lawsuit loan.

5) It can help you pay your bills and living expenses

If you are struggling to make ends meet while you wait for your settlement, it can be helpful to know that there are lawsuit loans available that can help you pay your bills and living expenses.

Lawsuit loans let you get the money you need now. You don’t have to worry about paying back the money, as long as you win your case.

It’s easy to apply for a lawsuit loan; all it takes is an application and a phone call.

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